Discussions 2: Brandon Hayes and Joel Davis – Ideology, Limits, Agency, Libertarianism, and Propertarianism

Co-host Andy Curzon and I are making a regular gig of this. This is the second formal, Discussions 1 to be found right here: DISCUSSIONS 1: TRUTH, HONESTY, LIMITATIONS, SUCCESS FRAMES, AND AGENCY WITH ANDY CURZON AND NOAH REVOY

For this one, Andy and I have Brandon Hayes and Joel Davis. As always, one or two smart folks and we’re discussing interesting things. Yes, we’re going to get some chicks on, too. Tech, now, affords us the ability to have these discussions wherever. I’m in the Sierra mountains, Andy is in London, Brandon in Massachusetts, and Joel rings in from Sydney, Australia. And it all comes together…the only drawback being that I had to get up at 5am and it was about 1am for Joel.

Rough Outline (which we don’t really follow all that closely….damn):

  1. Dog training
  2. How we frame single issues (macro ‘world views’ to micro ‘opinions on a single topic’)
  3. Framing things (all the way along the macro-micro spectrum) as something with both uses, and limits

Spend more time considering the limits of your preferred biases, and more time considering the uses of your dislikes.



a) Transcending ideological frames
b) the postmodern problemization of meaning


a) things considered as having perils (limits) and necessity (uses)
i) cynicism
ii) feeling closer to those who share our values
iii) feeling closer to those who share our opinions

  1. Libertarian thought as a frame and limitations (and uses) of it
  2. Propertarianism as a frame and limitations (and uses) of it

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