The Discussions Series With Andy Curzon Now With Audio-Only Option

My co-host, Andy Curzon, and I are having quite a good time at this Discussions series of video interviews. Just scroll down the blog to find them.

We’ve done four of them so far, on a weekly basis. After the first, we decided to try our hand at a series, so the first three are formally “in the can.” The last one, just yesterday. For me, collaborating on what guests to bring on, what topics to discuss, and then having to brush up on them…it’s half the fun.

I’m using my old podcast hosing account at SoundCloud for hosting the audio.

You can also subscribe to the feed via the iTunes Store (or search ‘free the animal). As it stands right now, the ones I uploaded to SoundCloud today aren’t showing up, but if you subscribe and refresh the feed, they should show up (worked for me).

While I think that watching the video and interaction between the guests—where I have the cool tools to shift between single speaker view and all three or four of us, some folks’ lives are such that it’s more accessible to listen by car, bus, train, and plane.

So there you have it.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Bryan on July 14, 2019 at 10:34

    Thanks Richard! This really helps a busy Dad like me who’s always moving and shaking with my children.

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