Discussions 4: Andy Curzon & Richard Nikoley, with Ed Townes

There’s no good way to preface this video. An off the cuff 2 hours that covers everything from Poland, to Spain, to libertarianism, to history, to political policy, to culture. Oh, and scrambled eggs (all methods). It’s a one-off and unique, on many levels.... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login or Join for access at the level you choose.Login Join NowRead More

It Begins With Dogs

In early March, my now former wife, Beatrice, calls and asks if I want Choncho, Nanuka, and Scout for a couple of weeks. She has some weekend trips to take and doesn’t want to burden her elderly parents. Sure. So I drive down to SoCal, stayed for a few days, and we signed the final divorce settlement at her attorney’s office. Then I got back up here, settled in, and the dogs got adjusted. They…Read More

LOL Facebook. It’s Hopeless

I wrote that some months ago because it’s precisely true. First of all, to Make Women Great Again and kick off a Great Women Revolution, you begin with the influenced, not indoctrinated entirely, but still dependent. Some like to think they’re indoctrinated and act as such because they are still dependent. Females always want to be dependent. It’s in their nature and it’s a good thing. They have been failed on that. For the young:…Read More

Boo Hoo

I can’t stand the latest trends where everyone uses children to “speak their truth.” Adolescents are even dumber. Just look at all the young people crying tears. It’s abject hubris. Children should be seen and not heard, adolescents should shut the fuck up. Fires Destroy Amazon Rainforest, Blanketing Brazilian Cities in Smog. The Wall Street Journal actually wants you to pay to read more. Wankers. Do you understand? Young Max Borders’ heart is just wrenched…Read More

MONEY: Fiat vs. Bitcoin – The New World of Cryptocurrency

My full talk at The 21 Convention in Orlando, Florida. Also, here’s an after talk interview where I give a bunch of How-To information. I’ve just returned from This year’s 21 Convention in Warsaw, Poland where I gave a talk for the 4th time. It was a fantastic experience and I’ll be posting a write up on that soon. In the meantime, the next 21C will be in Orlando for the their main of three…Read More