LOL Facebook. It’s Hopeless

I wrote that some months ago because it’s precisely true.

First of all, to Make Women Great Again and kick off a Great Women Revolution, you begin with the influenced, not indoctrinated entirely, but still dependent. Some like to think they’re indoctrinated and act as such because they are still dependent. Females always want to be dependent. It’s in their nature and it’s a good thing. They have been failed on that. For the young: your female ancestors did that to you, with help from weak men. What basically happened is they all got agitated by a collection of black dress wearing cunts way back, a lot like the back dress wearing cunts that miraculously got a constitutional amendment passed banning alcohol. That was the 18th Amendment to the Constitution (an abject disaster of such profundity it’s the ONLY constitutional amendment ever to be repealed). That’s right. Think the fuck about that and then scratch your head over the next amendment on its heels, the 19th, letting the stupid cunts vote. I mean, it’s just crazy. Women belong in a secure setting so they can nourish, nurture, and fundamentally form the next generation of men and women. It frosts my fucking balls that this is not simply recognized in such profound ways that the idea of a woman having to work outside of the home in this rich society would be an abominable thought. The 19th Amendment gave voting power to females and that utterly destroyed the American home. Chicks seek security and no man they will ever marry has the taxing authority to make them secure as they buy into the Democrat stuff catered and packaged for stupid chicks, so they rally together, gossip, shit stir and test, and essentially, the funny meme of sawing off the tree branch you’re sitting on, applies. Most women over 25 are hopeless at this point, unless already in the choir or, seeking out the choir to join. I wish them the best. That’s already moving. You have to forget about all of them, though, focus only on the young.

Richard Nikoley

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    You if you wan to be able to post freely use They don’t censor.

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