Discussions 5: George Bruno Tells Men How to Get Unstuck

George “The Most Interesting Man in the World” Bruno takes on on a whirlwind tour of Hair and Beard Grooming, the Art of the Interview, Getting Unstuck Financially, Getting Beyond Trading Time For Dollars, Passive Income, and Things Men Should Do for Success, Personal and Financial. It’s a must, don’t miss. George can be found…Read More

The Facebook Question

I deleted my Facebook account. It wasn’t the first time. Sometime in 2013/14 I deleted it for the 1st time. Back then, I’d grown it to 10K plus peeps as I recall. But I’d grown it from this blog. I rarely interacted very much, primarily using it as a means to get out word of…Read More

Low and Slow Scrambled Eggs

I went off the rails a bit last night on Facebook for engagement for fun after another 30 days away. Deleted all the posts this morning. I have no interest in adding any value to Facebook ever again. My own blog (since 2003 it’s my own platform and approaches 5,000 posts). Posts just like this.…Read More