Discussions 7: Curt Doolittle Talks About the State of the World

Once again Andy Curzon and I host an interesting person with which to have a discussion. This time it’s Curt Doolittle, founder of the Propertarian Institute. It’s an informal discussion that lightly covers a lot of ground from film to trade tariffs. For a more formal and thorough treatment of Propertarianism, Curt suggests you watch Interregnum #42 — Propertarianism with Curt Doolittle, recorded just the day prior to this.... This content is for Annual Subscription…Read More

Discussions 6: Noah Revoy Talks Manosphere, Agency, and Family

Noah Revoy is a relationship coach from outside of Lisbon, Portugal. He’s a husband, father of a 6 year old boy, and has twin boys due in two weeks. He plies his trade at http://SMV4K.com You can also watch his short video interview with George Bruno subsequent to his talk at 22Convention Poland in July 2019. I was a co-speaker at the conference and George Bruno was a guest on Discussions 5. Elixa Probiotic is…Read More