Making Money As A Location Independent Nomad

I’ve spent a good deal of time in contemplation since I got rid of the biggest monkey on my back, the home sale. I’ve sold nearly everything…only the car and hang-glider remain. And my only bills are the cell phone and Netflix. LOL. Soon I’ll have rent and food, but otherwise only incidental expenses like…Read More

Food For The Holidays

That was the spread at my family’s Christmas party on Saturday, December 14, just a few hours after I left the home I sold for the last time. I’ve been here since, enjoying the Holidays with family and will remain until I head out January 14 on the travels—likely lasting a year or two, around…Read More

Chiang Mai, Thailand Early 2020 Nomading Update

In my last post I briefly laid out some costs for my first excursion to Thailand commencing January 14, 2020. Now I’ll add some precision, such that people have a decent idea of what the costs to do this might be—the aim being to definitely not live in squalor like the grunge hippies do, but…Read More

At Long Last I’m a “Homeless” Nomad

Beatrice brought the dogs up to Arnold, CA for the last week in the cabin, gathering clothes and other keepsakes, as I did the same. In the end, I ended up with a reasonable pile constituting every material thing I own, except for the car that hauls it away, until I sell that too, within…Read More