My Thoughts About The 2020 Fraudulent Election

Whether the circus-show will be overturned or not, it is a case of having gone too far, and enough evidence has already been presented to make Trump the first President-not-President, because he'll be holding enormous rallys for 4 years, embarrassing the whole corrupt gig, so-called Republican brown nosers, too. Democrats needed people to make this fraud spectacle happen in every key place it had to happen. They needed lots of people. That means at least…Read More

A COVID Cult and Clown Car Roundup

Generally speaking, COVID has reached maximum narrative and bromide dispersion and at this point it's rather clear to me that there is no persuasion or cajoling on any level whatsoever—at least of the kind where someone admits I exposed them to new information they were unaware of and changed their mind accordingly—that's worth the effort. They have "The Science," you see, invoked in the same manner religious zealots invoke "The Word." There is only science.…Read More

November 3rd

Less than a week out and looking forward to forgetting about it for another 4 years. 320+, and the popular vote. Bank on it. That is all.... This content is for Annual Subscription, Monthly Subscription, and Free Member Content members only and is a preview. Login or Join to access the rest, as well as…Read More

I Told You So: Stupid Covid People

615 adults in Tokyo were prospectively recruited to take Sars-Cov-2 antibody tests. When the study began 6% had antibodies, indicating exposure. By mid-summer 47% did. Half the population. Not one person was hospitalized or died…Read More

Covid-19 Told-You-So PSA

“For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.”Read More

Where Have All The Salty Expats Gone?

It'll tell you: they are overrun by fat grazing hoards of herds of Karens and Kens. When I encountered my first expats I didn't even know the word. That was in 1984, Subic Bay, Philippines. Most of them, retired Navy guys. In Angeles City, you'll find the retired Air Force. In terms of civilians, mostly Ausies—I guess because it's relatively close. But in all cases, I admired these dudes. Same for my first visit to…Read More

The Children Of The YouTube Delete My Video, Lie About It

— They’re not ideological; It’s about money, power, and control like it always is A principal aspect of children maturing into adults is the lessons they’re freely allowed to experience that tend to be far different or opposite from what their child-proto-minds sought. This stems from the fact that as soon as they begin to…Read More

Video: Direction, Action, and Projects

In January, 2020, I sold everything and hopped on a plane for Thailand. Just as I was leaving for another country, Corona caught me, and I end up staying, now a permanent resident. Now I'm on the prowl, so find out what that's all about.Read More

I Create Memes That Make Most People Feel Ignorant

I wake up with ideas in my head. I’m usually up between 5-6 a.m. banging on the keyboard in the semi-dark as she still sleeps. Alcohol abstention is having quite the effect. I’m easily past the point of no return. I’ve tried life with alcohol and without and hands-down prefer the latter. It’s so easy…Read More