Everything I Thought I Lost

Another Nomadic Life Thought Piece The reason animals survive in nature is because they are rationally risk averse. Only human animals have the capacity to be irrational. On the other hand, only human animals have the capacity to rationally take on risk—the sine qua non of human civilization. In the status quo, civilization comes at...…Read More

Neil Peart

Back at Oregon State in about 1982, my weed-smoking, Alaskan roommate introduced me to more than weed and bongs. It was a Rush. My very first Rush album was actually a live mix, Exit Stage Left and while it’s brilliant on many levels, the one track, YYZ (airport code for Toronto, from whence they harken),...…Read More

How To Live Tax Free as an American Nomad

Much is made of the Leviathan that’s the United States Internal Revenue “Service.” Gotta love euphemism. What a “SERVICE!” For a laf at “The Land of the Free”: The only major nation that taxes its citizens (and green card holders) regardless of where they live is the United States. So long as you hold a...…Read More