The Covid-19 indictment Of Christians and Jews

Feel free to imagine any question. My question is, WTF? I came across a fantastic essay the other day, a long one, and I was compelled to tweet: No. Never in my 59 years have I read such a complete and comprehensive masterpiece. It’s quite long and ought not be one word shorter. I’m referring…Read More

The Artful Character of President Donald Trump

I never had any illusions about Trump being a principled person to an extreme or uncompromising level. I knew that he was pragmatic, but also that to the extent he was, his driving motivations were largely pure. That is, I sensed that his heart was in the right place. And this, I believe, is why…Read More

Covid-19 Is Impeachment 3.0; BLM Riots, 4.0; Re-Lockdown, 5.0

The Russia Hoax was 1.0 and the Ukrainian Phone-Call Hoax, 2.0. In early March I had a knee-jerk reaction as I witnessed the whole world going nuts over Covid-19—a global panic phenomenon—made possible by easy mass dissemination of child-like fear via “smart” phone to even the poorest, most ignorant, and most remote places on earth:…Read More