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Anthony Colpo is Correct About Yet Another Con: The Covid-19 Con

Scraped from a site alerting people to business scams surrounding the virus scam. But such scams are very valuable…fools and their money soon parted & all. Bring on the scamming, as it’s so deliciously ironic! Of course, those who believe in and are scared of the Coronascam are going to easily fall for corollary sub-scams, why they’re targets. It’s baked in the cake. They’re fucking stupid. Good riddance. I’m tired of stupid people.

For those who know, Anthony Colpo is renowned for his diligent research and resulting book, The Great Cholesterol Con. So, yea, he has a nose, ear, and eye for bullshit. He never shies away from controversy but that’s not an end in itself for him. I believe—that perhaps like me—he needs to make people who believe in, act on, agitate, and activate for abject fucking bullshit that limits free inquiry, knowledge, choices, freedoms, and basic humanity feel like morons and fools. With any luck, they lose sleep over the glaring hints everywhere pointing to their own hopeless stupidity.

I do not seek redemption for these parasite humanoids. I seek ostracism: no quarter, no mercy. No exceptions.

I’ve posted a number of times recently about the scamdemic pandercon; just scroll down the home page; or search, if, by the time you’re seeing this, the bullshit is in the head-shaking memory hole, which is the only place for it.

In short, I called this right from the get-go because my focussed misanthropy has trained me to regard over 99% of so-called people on earth as ignorant fucking morons unworthy of the classification human being: they were—all of them, virtually to a humanoid form (not man)—cowering in a dark corner of fear over the prospect of getting a bad cold, if even.

It’s a truly pathetic spectacle, and that’s the real underlying value in all of this. I’ve been saying for decades that “everyone” is fucking stupid. Well fucking look! The whole world has gone stark raving insane with fear like 4-year-old petrified boys & girls; and then, to top it off, the very same people agitate and advocate for the scam of “peaceful protests” of yet another conscam, #BLM: the wanton, nihilistic destruction of businesses, sacred symbols, edifice in general, and even homes and the public commons. It isn’t even veiled anymore. They just show you burning buildings and defaced statues on the “news” and tell you it’s peaceful. And it’s not surprising how many people embrace the cognitive dissonance. Because: everyone is fucking stupid! There. Full circle.

I cannot emphasize that—which is in clear, stark evidence—enough.

You know, back when this started and I became aware—just a few weeks after arriving in Thailand where I now live, via China in mid-January 2020—I imagined who in the largely contrarian health sphere might also not be buying this. Anthony Colpo was on that list, as were a few others. One of them is my friend Dr. Michael Eades. And sure enough, when we took it up in email correspondence in February, he was pretty damn skeptical privately but was withholding public comment until more info/data, which is an entirely reasonable and prudent call for a licensed MD in America—particularly if you consider that sitting State Senator Scott Jensen is under investigation. If he was a US Senator, he’d be safe.

State Sen. Scott Jensen, a physician and Republican from Chaska, said Sunday that he is being investigated by the Minnesota State Board of Medical Practice for public statements he’s made about COVID-19.

Jensen criticized the state Department of Health in April for following federal guidance stipulating when doctors should characterize deaths as due to COVID-19. He said he feared that the death toll might be inflated if each state’s allocation of federal funds depended on the number of COVID-19 deaths.

“Might be.” LOL.

If you see Mike’s Twitter Feed now, not so shy. For those who know, Anthony and Mike had a years long internet feud that in light of what’s happened to the world now, seems trivial and it’s heartwarming that both are on the right side of this one.

And so Anthony penned a blog post which you shall read in its entirety and that’s not a request: The Great Coronavirus Con: Why the Lockdown is Killing More People than COVID-19.

The lunacy continues.

The world is still soiling its pants over a relatively harmless flu virus.

Amidst constant rumblings about a “second wave,” many countries around the world are still in various states of lockdown, and many still have travel bans in place.

The wholly unwarranted COVID-19 hysteria has been used to impose unprecedented human rights restrictions upon much of the world’s population – including draconian restrictions on freedom of movement, removal of the right to assembly, even the right to gather with one’s friends and family for culturally important events such as weddings and funerals.

Homo sapiens are inherently social and interactive creatures, but are now being forced and fined into an utterly unnatural and inhuman state of isolation, as “social distancing” becomes the “new normal.”

The indisputable fact is that gathering with friends and family, and interacting peacefully with fellow citizens, is a perfectly normal, healthy and essential activity, but people in many countries are now being harshly scolded and fined for doing so.

That’s the first few paragraphs and I’ll not take away any more of Anthony’s thunder; and, I so appreciate that thunder because it makes me feel like I have a brother from a different mother. Take it from this misanthrope: there are far too few people to love in this world, anymore. Just look around you! Nobody wearing a mask even qualifies as someone to talk to. Global society is more divisive than ever, over this. No, I have no interest in making amends. Litmus test. This is beyond the pale and I will not associate with anyone who ever fell for this shit. Life sentence. Go and do likewise. Ostracize. Associate with the few others. I do, even here in Thailand with my expat friends.

I’ll highlight a couple of very unique aspects of Anthony’s post.

  1. No human on earth has done even 10% of the dot-connecting as to the actual human costs of the Covid Scam as Anthony has done. I mean human costs. The economic costs are the economic costs but where those economic costs are truly accounted for is in lives lost. That’s yet to be accounted for in terms of downstream. The direct costs we already account for are astounding and no media outlet I’m aware of cares.
  2. At the end, Anthony spends a good deal of ink on Australia itself which is interesting, informative, and unique. I used to say that America is proof you never let a bunch of Puritans get in boats. Perhaps Oz is that you don’t let criminals form a country. Or something… I digress.

Well, this is certainly an astounding thing. I was reading something obscure the other day and it’s a quite weird thing to read. That is, you keep having to check when it was written.

Reconstruction of a Mass Hysteria: The Swine Flu Panic of 2009

Swine flu kept the world in suspense for almost a year. A massive vaccination campaign was mounted to put a stop to the anticipated pandemic. But, as it turned out, it was a relatively harmless strain of the flu virus. How, and why, did the world overreact? A reconstruction. By SPIEGEL staff.

They published that in December of 2010, nearly 10 years ago.

Read it and weep. My take? This nonsense could have happened 10 years ago but for one thing. The Savior of the Universe, Black Jesus, had just been elected President of the United States. If you doubt that underlying meta-at-play, you’re a fucking Demokrat. O-fucking-bama is distinct: the first neo-racist, America-hating president. All he did, though, was make a lot more people stupid than they already were.

He pulled good black folk down, but not all. Dare they make it on their own.

A final quote from Anthony’s post, in view of the fact that in mid-March, seeing what was going on—after just witnessing Impeachment 2.0 over the Heads of States phone call, and all after the go-nowhere Impeachment 1.0 over the contrived “Russia Collusion”—I dubbed this whole Coronascam as Impeachment 3.0.

Ironically, Trump himself warned back in March that the lockdown would cause “suicide by the thousands,” only to be pooh-poohed by his own CDC and mocked by the establishment-run media, which has been rabidly obsessed with undermining his Presidency from the moment he was elected.

Yep, Anthony sees it too. Perhaps he’s in a better position to explain why Australia and so much of the rest of the world are such bitches in heat when it comes to global billionaires and their sycophants wanting Trump out, and how that works by making so-called independent countries such whoring bitches when it comes to who’s the POTUS.

…I was initially greatly disappointed in Trump. While I knew he was a pragmatic operator far more than a principled one, I didn’t expect him to suborn what is, and continues—tantamount to house arrest and proprietorship annihilation (mom & pop) whilst mega business took up the slack, because big lower prices; and Americans would kill their own mother for a better deal. If it were up to me, I’d seize all large consumer direct companies in the US, liquidate them, and distribute the proceeds to Main Street America (businesses, not crack whores in Demokrat projects). That’s not socialism, it’s payback for decades of rent seeking, an economic term 99.9% of the earth is wholly ignorant of, yet is the operating principle of mega business and always has been.

A final shot: what I dubbed The Mao Uniform early on. Yea. Masks, the great equalizer: narrowing the perception between the beautiful, ugly, and downright hideous.

I eschew all the science about whether masks are effective or not. I suspect they’re not only not very effective, especially in untrained hands, but harmful to the wearers. They are not about health, they are about control, power, uniformity, and an easily identifying badge of “virtue.”

Girls they wanna
Girls they wanna
Girls, they wanna be lo-o-ved
They jus wanna

It’s a hill I would die on. Sure, I’d wear one in an appropriate professional setting like a hospital, appropriate circumstances, with instructions from professionals—though I never have, in dozens of visits to see loved ones in my 59 years. None died at my breath.

They are dehumanizing, and that’s the point. It’s like a bit in a horse’s mouth. It’s a taming, subjugating influence, far more symbolic than it is for any real protection.

But protection—for myself or others—doesn’t matter to me. They restrict your natural breathing. This means a reduction in blood oxygen and concomitant increase in blood CO2, the inverse being the whole point of breathing as a natural human.

Moreover: we exhale, cough, sneeze, exude mucous via runny nose, clear our throats, etc., for a fundamental reason: we are decreasing both bacterial and viral loads. Masks force you to re-breathe bacteria and viruses your evolved body and immune system has seen fit to expel without regard to anyone else.

That is too much of a price to pay for any stranger in the world and they are simply on their own. Decent hygiene like washing clothes, your body, your hands more often, turning away, and covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing is the best us opposable-thumb hominoids can do and it’s enough and let viruses just run their courses, Darwin style, while taking extra measures to protect the truly—and not contrived—vulnerable.

And stay home (when you are actually sick…even school children know this and you don’t have to shut down the school).

Onward. The Play Button has been pressed.

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