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Covid-19 Is Impeachment 3.0; BLM Riots, 4.0; Re-Lockdown, 5.0

The Russia Hoax was 1.0 and the Ukrainian Phone-Call Hoax, 2.0.

In early March I had a knee-jerk reaction as I witnessed the whole world going nuts over Covid-19—a global panic phenomenon—made possible by easy mass dissemination of child-like fear via “smart” phone to even the poorest, most ignorant, and most remote places on earth: like where I live in deep rural Thailand, 20 kilometers from anywhere (with 115 down and 60 up Internet for $20 per month). That, in-turn, combined with Social [manipulation] Media—which is driven by Neo-Media—liars: creators of narrative—who pass it off as “news” to ignorant people who don’t know the difference—created the political justification to Just Do Something.

As I’ve written previously in various channels many times, I never had a gram of fear of this thing, even though I flew to Thailand via a Chinese airline full of Chinese on January 14 and spent a half day of layovers in two Chinese airports, then did the final leg on another Chinese airline. And then, it so happened my apartment in Chiang Mai was in the heart of the Chinese tourist area with tens of thousands of them, still, just as fear was becoming unbridled. I didn’t even have any fear for my family. Not even my dad and mom, who are 82 and 79, but very healthy, avid and active travelers who eat well.

My mother sheds respiratory infections like a duck sheds back water.

The entire world has become exposed as primarily fear driven above all other motivations and western civilization seems impotent to assuage it after all accomplishment, and I suppose the modern manifestations of news media are as they are because of some, whose inner voices of conscience went silent long ago—so they can’t even hear it—fully understood that and integrated that understanding fully.

What a job. I’m not so sanguine, anymore. I long held faith—when not banking on empirical evidence, reason, logic, argument—that truth and the proportionality that ought to come with it would always rise to the surface, eventually. It seems to turn out that such a disposition is valid for only a tiny minority of people; and the rest go from something to be afraid of to the next thing to be afraid of—as though not being afraid of something is boring, or something to fear, in itself.

We are living in an age of mass global fear unlike all others, even trumping world wars: we have the least of reasons to be fearful of any humans who ever lived. You’re afraid to send your kids to school? Try sending your teenage boys off to fight Krauts and Japs. What exactly are you afraid of?

How about a baby Monocled Cobra out your back porch; the scene here, this morning? We killed it. One of my Thai workers said, “It can kill you; big head,” and he showed me a mangled finger joint where he was bitten by a baby one as a child.

And people all over the globe wear masks in abject fear of what they cannot see.

…I don’t do conspiracies. Never have. I’ve laughed at them all, you name it. Even the Pearl Harbor one. Euphemism is how people communicate, now. Communication used to be by skilled, thoughtful use of language, crafted further by metaphor. “I follow the science” is now euphemism for ‘I’m a sucker for the popular narrative, propped up by credentialed authorities in the pay of the creators of narrative.’ Here’s another: “conspiracy” is euphemism for ‘any ideas, no matter how well integrated, that go against the popular narrative.”

I don’t do conspiracies primarily because Occam’s Razor. Beyond that, conspiracies are quintessential secrets too big to keep.

You don’t need conspiracies. You have fear and panic on your side if you’re the sort of unconscious humanoid who would exploit that. But, basically, this is all just values in play, combined with trade. No conspiracy needed.

…I like this video because it doesn’t smell of conspiracies and dark rooms with single malt scotch, cigars, and women sporting garter belts doing the extra entertaining.

It’s only 10 minutes and I could have just popped it off as a share, but it’s tightly integrated enough, low on my conspiracy threshold, and succinct about exactly why I have called this Impeachment 3.0, 4.0, and now, 5.0.

On the money

…Hey, very soon I’m going to be blogging, in part, about how I’ve easily lost over 4 kilograms the last couple of months here in rural Thailand. You can get a jump start by checking out The Energy Blueprint.

But, I’ll give you a hint: I eat Thai food, except when I make my occasional dish my loved Thai family and their friends say “very good” to, but don’t eat once tasted (that’s not to say they are taste wizards; not, but I ought not digress). The only fast food here in deep rural within hundreds of miles is a few KFC (and they fry in palm oil, not industrial machinery oil). Here’s my rule of thumb: half the rice, twice the protein.

Again: The Energy Blueprint.

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