My “Magical” Fat and Weight Loss (with bonus video)

This is an expanded version of an early-access post on Patreon and SubscribeStar. Now that my recent easy loss is in excess of 10 kilo (22 pounds), I’m going to focus a lot more on this because so many people just really need it. Tomorrow I’ll begin a 20-post series about The Fat Loss Blueprint, in review format. Yes, right up front, this is a program for purchase and it’s not cheap. Let’s get that…Read More

Where Have All The Salty Expats Gone?

It'll tell you: they are overrun by fat grazing hoards of herds of Karens and Kens. When I encountered my first expats I didn't even know the word. That was in 1984, Subic Bay, Philippines. Most of them, retired Navy guys. In Angeles City, you'll find the retired Air Force. In terms of civilians, mostly Ausies—I guess because it's relatively close. But in all cases, I admired these dudes. Same for my first visit to…Read More

The Children Of The YouTube Delete My Video, Lie About It

— They’re not ideological; It’s about money, power, and control like it always is A principal aspect of children maturing into adults is the lessons they’re freely allowed to experience that tend to be far different or opposite from what their child-proto-minds sought. This stems from the fact that as soon as they begin to speak in whole thoughts, in sentences, they begin as consummate liars and deceivers. All of them. The skill of human…Read More

I Create Memes That Make Most People Feel Ignorant

I wake up with ideas in my head. I’m usually up between 5-6 a.m. banging on the keyboard in the semi-dark as she still sleeps. Alcohol abstention is having quite the effect. I’m easily past the point of no return. I’ve tried life with alcohol and without and hands-down prefer the latter. It’s so easy to come up with better things to do, since almost anything is something that’s better to do. Those and many…Read More


100 years ago, American males got cucked and it has been a disaster ever since. It’s now manifest fully, in abject destruction of global civilization. The human female is not a builder of civilizations. Women are tamers of men who, in-turn, erect measures of safety and security by means of civilization. That’s about all—whether you like it, or not.... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login…Read More


First new post of many to come on my early-and-immediate access subscription services: Patreon SubscribeStar You’ll find the substantial background concerning this initiative here: PATREON REBOOT + SUBSCRIBESTAR. Plus, a bit more background here and here. You’re welcome to wait until it’s published in full, here on Free The Animal, no hard feelings at all; or, you can sign up for immediate access to all content (podcasts, videos, video conferences coming very soon) the second…Read More

Patreon Reboot + SubscribeStar

In November of 2003 I started this blog, named a few different names until settling on its current inception since the Paleo-Diet days of 2008 and onward. In total, as of 2020, I’ve published 5,000 posts and readers have submitted 120,000 comments. My Patreon page—DigiCash—began in mid-2017 in order to teach the intricacies of getting into crypto: buying, trading, and safeguarding. But by early 2018 I felt like that task was complete and I didn’t…Read More

Personal Update For My Biggest Fan: The Hater

I snapped the photo to the left upon arrival in Chiang Mai, Thailand, January 16, 2020. I've been here ever since, and from then to mid-May did nothing much but seek various forms of pleasure—not much discipline, thought, or control involved. On May 18, 2020, the girlfriend and I got up early and drove the 1,000 kilometers to her rural childhood home. Three months later, and the picture to the right was taken yesterday, August…Read More

The Urban and Suburban Blight

Could you come up with a better illustration by means of juxtaposition between urban/suburban and rural? My take: Urban/suburban is where the fear-driven grazers congregate. Grazing animals like population density because it implies the safety of the herd or flock. If everyone’s an equal grazer, then one prey target is as good as another and chances are it won’t be you. Social adherence is rule #1—you don’t want your prey-mate ratting you out to the…Read More

Easy Fat Loss With Three Simple Things

Yea, I let myself go for a couple of years. Mostly is was about behaviors, bad habits, isolation, and other things. While I held my life together generally, it was nowhere near where I knew I wanted to be, where my blurry vision suggested. The manifestation was mostly in my appearance. I never gained it all back—the 60 pounds I lost on Paleo back in the day— just about half of it. Then I moved…Read More

The Covid Con Mass Delusion: Is Germany The Stupidest Country On Earth?

Simple question.⁠⁠What few hundred thousand people ought to be arrested, prosecuted, sentenced to death, and summarily executed over this?⁠⁠The average fucktard-moron, abject idiot with a “smart” phone believes case numbers are 4 to 46 times what they actually are, and deaths 100 to 300 times what they actually are.⁠⁠Who’s responsible?⁠ Who should pay with their lives? In case you have trouble making it out: People think coronavirus is much more prevalent than it is —…Read More

CovidCon in Philippines: A Case Study of the Dumb

I’ll make this quick, because it’s so outrageously and obviously fucktarded that more than a few sentences is a waste of time on a Whole Dumb World. The facts about the Philippines (CovidCon): Population: 107 Million Covid-19 deaths so far: 2,115 Deaths per 100K population: 0.5 (1 out of 200,000 for the dummies) The facts about the Philippines (Influenza and Pneumonia): Population: 107 Million (same) Influenza and pneumoia deaths 2018: 75,843 (not the same as…Read More

CovidScam Unravels. Backlash Grows and Intensifies.

It was always a scam. Never was it more important than the flu we’ve dealt with forever. That’s easy to verify—from thousands upon thousands of learned voices—so long as you aren’t getting your information from the same sorts of mouthpieces for the global corporatism that logged over 600 billion in net worth during the scam to devastate all the little guys globally. I’ve seen it all about Covid-19, going way back, and I looked for…Read More