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Have You Forgotten? Richard Lothar Nikoley Doesn’t Give An Eff What You “Think”

Since I installed Facebook Purity as a Chrome extension, it shows me everyone who has unfriended me, which numbers in the few dozens recently (only 1,285 to go). Invariably, unless they blocked me too, I go check their profile and yep: Democrat-leftist Moron; always virtue-signalling something—like a child trying to convince adults how great they are by means of putting their mud pies on display.

This is excellent. For, what has been ushered in is now nothing whatsoever short of a civilizational, social, cultural, and political climate that is become irrevocable and irreconcilable. Moreover, it has attained geopolitical proportions. it’s global. It’s two incompatible worlds, at war.

It’s utter, outright, and abject. I regard it appropriately, as such—no head-in-sand, hiding under covers…no mental reservation or purpose of evasion. Head-on.

I am become a staunch political separatist and supremacist. I would have that I never deal with another Democrat on any level, for life. Moreover, I support and applaud all action against them that non-violent supremacy implies while recognizing that peaceful resolution is, at this point, no longer an option—and it is they who have made that abundantly clear. So, bring it on! Overwhelming reciprocity is now key and becoming clearer by the day.

Chiefly, by means of lethal ostracism. Since they are either parasites directly, or, are supported by parasitism in large part, I would see the withdraw of all support by genuine net-value-producers, allowing them to parasitize each other, like a cannibal-pot hysteria.

Starvation to death is the end result. All without ever firing a shot. Simple, complete, total, merciless ostracism: the withdrawal of all values based upon the reality of the supremacy of the honest producer of genuine values for others, society, and the commons of the good. No mercy, no quarter. Absolute.

Nothing short of Human Civilization as Social Animals is at stake.

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That’s about all, for now.

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