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I Told You So: Stupid Covid People

— 2+2=5 and Dornails Dumb, Including Kurt Harris, NTIR (Never-Trump Image Reader) and Stephan Guyenet, MWBBN (Mask-Wearing Biden Brown-Noser)

Check their Twitter feeds if you don’t believe me. Also: check all of my posts on the Covid scam-fraud—that I saw coming miles away back in February—to verify that I have been essentially RIGHT from day one, far more intuitive and widely integrated than the two of those Dumb Fucks put together—which, incidentally, is the reason they always paid attention to little ole’ me. They know I’ve got something their faux educations never provided them and is unobtainable to their indoctrinated conventional “minds.”

Really quick, because I have to catch a ferry soon over to Koh Larn, from my new vacation condo here in Jomtien-Pattaya. (More on all of that later)

Here’s the study: Dynamic Change of COVID-19 Seroprevalence among Asymptomatic Population in Tokyo during the Second Wave

I’ll just quote from Alex Berenson’s Tweet Thread.


615 adults in Tokyo were prospectively recruited to take Sars-Cov-2 antibody tests.

When the study began 6% had antibodies, indicating exposure.

By mid-summer 47% did. Half the population.

Not one person was hospitalized or died…


Many IgM antibody tests rapidly reverted to negative after being positive. So point-in-time antibody testing almost certainly UNDERESTIMATES exposure (which may be why it is so hard to get over 20% antibody positives in broad population studies)…

3/ The researchers wrote:

“This suggests that serological testing may significantly underestimate past COVID-19 infections, particularly when applied to an asymptomatic population.”

4/ In other words, if you test broadly and rapidly during an outbreak, you will find that a huge fraction of the population has been exposed/infected and is asymptomatic (we have seen this from PCR testing in settings like aircraft carriers, prisons, etc)…


“These findings should also take into context the epidemiological dynamics seen during this COVID-19 wave. Japan took the atypical step of not instituting a mandatory lockdown…”

6/ “During this time, businesses, restaurants, and transportation were kept open, and public life continued relatively unabated. Nevertheless, the second wave peaked and subsided on its own… the possibility of herd immunity should be considered.” [con’t]…

7/ “If this [herd immunity] were true, then the remarkably low mortality related to COVID-19 should also be examined. Much like our cohort which had no reported hospitalizations, clinical severity in Tokyo was low [31 deaths, 14 million people].”

JFC. It was Earth all along.

Seriously, it is impossible to overstate the importance of this paper. It and the 40-cycle testing put all the pieces together.

That’s about all, folks. And it will change absolutely nothing—any more than sound scientific evidence persuades any young-earth creationist. Covid is, now, for the time being, the newest Unified Global Religion—complete with all essential elements of a secular religion (e.g., communism, socialism…along with its spiritual-religious-like original sin—in this case, that you breathe).

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