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Please Wear Your Mask to Help The Spread of Covid-19

Finally some good news.

Turns out, via CDC, that habitual mask wearers are the ones spreading the virus around the most.

That’s fantastic since the sooner everyone gets it, the sooner everyone can go meh and move on.

So, wear your masks, spread the virus.

Here’s the CDC link:

Of 153 positive and symptomatic patients (across 11 healthcare facilities), 85% wore masks “always” or “often,” 8% wore them “never” or “rarely,” and 7% wore them “sometimes.”

Wear your masks. Spread Covid-19. Please!

There are a bunch of other data reports at CDC. I wonder what other unintended revelations could be found.

Incidentally, Tucker has latched onto the story. Won’t make any difference. For most people, the mask is not about health—though they all lie and say that it is, as well as protecting others (altruism badge). It’s a badge of compliance, a baseball bat to beat others over the head with, and a virtue-signal.

Basically, like children behave.

Here’s the video.


This is full of shit (they put it as a “partially false” WARNING on one of my posts). I won’t even bother to dissect it. That mask wearing helps spread Covid is merely tongue-in-cheek, intended to trigger and troll fucktards; fucktards like Facebook and its whores, the bunched-panties “fact” checkers.

THE point is this: wear a mask, get more or less Covid; don’t wear a mask, get more or less Covid.

Basically, this is an instance of ‘thou dost protest too much.’

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