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You Can’t Recount Your Way Out of This

Every. Single. Word.

It’s a hot mess inside of a shitstorm

From about 1990 until midterms, 2018, I was a non-voter, even though I generally supported libertarian and conservative ideals and to limited extent, the politics that ensue.

Though a non-believer in literal interpretations of religious faiths, I am nonetheless a champion for the Enlightenment values embodied in Western Civilization. I’m a conservative in this regard. I oppose progressivism, socialism, feminism, racism, genderism, sexism, environmentalism, and all else-isms that corrode the Essential Spirit of America.

Conservatism isn’t perfectionism, but it does place stock in what’s proven to advance the state of humanity, its self-determination, and happiness. It is careful about incorporating new things because they are unproven and often, they come packaged with prima facie destructive elements from the perspective of gains achieved by human civilization and how such gains came about.

Progressivism-socialism is parasitism. It’s everyone trying to live at the expense of everyone else. It’s cannibal pot hysteria.

Make America Great Again is a reasonable creed for conservatives who, not wanting to turn back the time-machine, nonetheless want to preserve and advance those things that made us great from the beginning.

Trump embodies that. I don’t just accept and tolerate him; I enthusiastically, unabashedly adore and endorse him.

Though I’m an American expat in Thailand, I’m a registered Republican in Nevada, my state of birth. I voted absentee in the proper way: by reading the procedures, proving my residency (Nevada DL and in-state address of record), registering, and requesting a ballot…which I received electronically and returned as prescribed (a password-protected PDF). I even got a personal email reply from the Washoe county registrar’s office acknowledging receipt and assuring me it would be processed.

…And yet, there are apparently millions of Biden voters all across the country who live right down the street from the voting precinct, but can’t seem to figure out how to get a proper and valid vote in, on time. And seemingly, all attention is focussed on “counting those votes”…it’s the most important and pressing thing in the universe…

There is little to no clarity on any of this mess, from either side.

Typical republican says “every vote must count,” and it subsumes legitimate, legal votes by those legally qualified, who followed the rules, procedures, deadlines, etc.

Typical democrat says it, and it’s euphemism for any ballot from anywhere, at any time, in duplicate, from the dead, excess, fraudulent…in short, any sort of scrap of paper blowing in the wind with anything resembling what looks to be a “vote” on it.

But here’s the disconnect in all of this. In spite of all of the many “irregularities”—to be the most charitable of my life—the general consensus is to finish the counting (of what, exactly?) and then perform recounts where appropriate.

Recount what, exactly? I’m not going to list all the “irregularities.” Many have done that already, including Anthony Colpo. Trump is Right: The U.S. Election is Being Rigged. For up-to-dates on developments, including inside whistleblowers coming forward, consult Project Veritas.

So, what to recount? There are the in-person votes from early voting and election day. There are mail-in ballots. But, within those, there are the longstanding absentee ballots where a due and legitimate registered voter requests it, gets it, votes it, and it’s returned by election day. But now, there is a new class of mail-in ballot: unsolicited. They’re simply just sent out to all those on the roles, whether still alive, whether at a current address, whether there’s a forwarding address, etc. I’m sure procedures vary state-to-state as to how clean those registration roles are, but even still, it has an element of being a ballot in the wind if, at the very least, it has not been requested and is expected by the voter.

Claims vary, but the number appears to be somewhere between 40 and 80 million of these unsolicited ballots in the wind.

In the last couple of days, the Trump campaign and RNC have draw a valid narrative distinction between legal and illegal ballots. The problem is, unless you have a hard-stop rule, such as a time deadline, how do you know, amongst the ballots in the wind, what’s legitimate and what’s not? See some of the Project Veritas exposé to see what I mean.

Voter fraud has a long history and legacy, but at the urban-city level.

Vote early and often.”

The cynical phrases “Vote early — and often” and “Vote early — and vote often” are variously attributed to three different Chicagoans: Al Capone, the famous gangster; Richard J. Daley, mayor from 1955 to 1976; and William Hale Thompson, mayor from 1915-1923 and 1931-1935. All three were notorious for their corruption and their manipulation of the democratic process. It is most likely that Thompson invented the phrase, and Capone and Daley later repeated it.

But that’s their own shit on their own doorstep; it’s not a federal case. Hell, it’s not even typically county-wide, and certainly not a statewide problem. So let them have at it if that’s the level of “integrity” those inner-city Democrats “aspire” to.

Recounts are going to get you nowhere.

The mass-mail-out of unsolicited ballots fundamentally introduced garbage into the system; since, simply, you cannot know who filled them in—or filled in a few hundred or thousand—and there wasn’t necessarily anyone expecting the ballot: as a result of requesting it.

You are not going to get a gourmet meal out of that, no matter how many times you recount the garbage.

Once this whole fraud-plan born of CovidCon gets unraveled, if it ever does, who goes to jail, who gets a bullet to the head or a lethal dose in the arm?

Nobody does, and the loser, cucked Republican-establishment blue bloods will be the first to waive hands to stop the needed and required meting out of justice. Many already are. No big thing, right? So, they’ll make inner-city wink-nod “democracy” the same mockery throughout the whole land, content that they still hold their own power, along with their own connections to the connected.

I have no confidence the courts can get to the bottom of this turd and polish it in a timely manner.

There are two non-court paths to what I personally consider to be an essential Trump 2nd term in the office of President of the United States.

  1. The Republicans control the State legislatures of Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, at a minimum. The State legislatures can appoint whatever electors they wish. That’s the the Constitutional election of President. A vote by the populace is just a convention that can be revoked at will by any State legislature, even if they have to legislate to do it—it’s perfectly in-line with the U.S. Constitution.
  2. If not resolved by January 20—State legislatures cumulatively don’t deliver 270 electors minimum for any candidate—it goes to the U.S. House of Representatives, which the Democrats hold. But there’s a catch. In this instance, each state only gets 1 single vote. Yes, both California and New York count for 2 votes for President. (is that delicious, or what?)

There’s a silver-lining elegance to number 2, in that 99.99% of the global population is wholly unaware of it, all the while yak-yaking about meh electoral college (which they don’t even barely understand, either).

Cue late night infomercial: “BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!!”

Each state delegation votes en bloc, with each state having a single vote. A candidate is required to receive an absolute majority of state delegation votes (currently 26 votes) in order for that candidate to become the president-elect. The House continues balloting until it elects a president.

It has only gone that way once, in 1824, nearly 200 years ago, when John Quincy Adams got fewer “popular votes” than did Andrew Jackson, but more importantly, neither could garner enough electoral votes from the State legislatures for a majority. The U.S. House of Representatives elected Adams.

Is it high time to give the United States Population a civics lesson like they’ve never had—and shock the whole world in the process? Of course, with 1-State, 1-vote, Trump wins easily in his sleep.

…We’re still left with an enormous problem. In spite of Trump gaining much ground in terms of support within the “victim” classes of women, blacks, and hispanics, we’re left with a bad taste in our mouths—that so many could bring themselves to support the likes of Biden and Harris, who, to my mind, are the worst set of garbage ever put up for election at any time, anywhere in the history of the human political experimentation with democracy.

Puppets doesn’t even begin to delve into it, but there’s an element to it, since “the problem” with Trump is that he’s nobody’s puppet or fool—to say the least—and this infuriates the puppet masters on not just a U.S. level, but on a global one.

And there’s a deeper problem still. It’s systemic in our very notion of law, order, rules, regulation, and citizenship.

The systemic problem with rules, generally stated, is that honest people of good will follow them. Scoundrels issue forth with impressions and platitudes that they follow them the most, while following them the least.

Rules curtail the best people, while enabling the worst.

Unpack that reality.

…I began with Joe “Demented” Biden. I’ll finish with Joe “Freudian Slip” Biden.

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