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My Thoughts About The 2020 Fraudulent Election

The view north from the Karon Viewpoint looking toward Kata Noi, Kata, and Karon beaches, Phuket, Thailand, 5 December, 2020

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, let’s call it 500 words of thoughts about the election circus spectacle and 500 words about considering relocating to Phuket for my beach condo/work studio.

How an Expat Bar in an Expat Hotel anywhere, should look.
An Expat Hotel should have ground floor rooms with a patio and table, a few steps from the pool.
An Expat Hotel menu should have Pub Food and other classics, like a half roast chicken (with pepper sauce and mashed potatoes; $9)

A couple of days ago I went door-to-door from my condo on Jomtien Beach, Pattaya to check-in at the Expat Hotel at Patong Beach, Phuket in 4 hours. Total cost for the taxi to Utapoa, flight to Phuket, mini-van to hotel: $79. I’d prefer that the economic collapse from the Covid Scam-for-Billionaires—in a place with 70 million, 3,600 “cases,” and 59 deaths (and 2,000 roadway deaths per month)—didn’t give rise to these kind of deals. The hotel would be $50 per night right now, normally. Now $12, breakfast included.

Phuket, Thailand, southern half

The last time I was in Phuket was April, 1989, so it’s been 31 years. It was an undeveloped beach with about a dozen beer bars, a few restaurants, couple of hotels, and services for snorkeling and diving excursions. Quiet. Up until around March, 2020 when the whole world became 4-year-olds cowering in the dark, Phuket got 5.3 million tourists annually, the vast majority to Patong Beach, so it’s now the most depressed area on the island.

To give you an idea, there are 5 McDonald’s franchises in town, all closed since last spring. Of at least 100 7-Eleven, maybe 6 are open. This place thrived exclusively on Tourism; now destroyed because fear over sniffles, a cough, and phlegm. And if you’re ignorant, programmed by SJWs enough to think it’s just bar girls affected, you’re an asshole too. Far more than that, tens of thousands, are the service staff of tons of restaurants, hotels, resorts, et al—men and women—and those hundreds of millions of dollars were in large-part flowing home to the provinces. Thailand’s GDP, as a whole, is 20% tourism (that’s one-fifth). Now there’s zero. It’s figuratively like chopping off an arm and applying a cheesecloth tourniquet.

Thailand likes to try to float Lead Balloons, though. They instituted a program to get tourists. You can fly here, pay $2,000 for a 14-day quarantine—with meals-in-styrofoam delivered to your prison cell right on time—and then be good to go for your HOLIDAY!!! Over a couple of months, about 2,000 people worldwide took Thailand up on that Great Offer!!! That’s about the number than land in Bangkok internationally, per hour, in normal times. LOL.

So why would I consider relocating here with things still unresolved? Well, because long ago, the expats moved away from Patong, leaving the crowds, traffic jams, and exhaust fumes to the tourists. I set out to explore the places they went to.

$6.50 per day rental. Gas is calculated in how many kilometers per nickel.

Referring to the map image, above, I set out from Patong in the upper-left, down the west side of the island, hugging every beach, all the way down to Promthep Cape on the southern tip. Then, up along the east to Rawai Beach, Wat Chalong, and back across to Patong. Rawai and Chalong have the highest concentrations of expats and of those, Rawai hits my sweet spot.

Some photos along the way.

Karon Beach
Kata Beach
A little cove just south of the amazing Nai Han Beach
Windmill Viewpoint, a better pic than I could get at the Cape.
An expat pub on Rawai Beach called Vikings, owned by a French-speaking Belgian; so those are Belgian fries (Belgians actually invented the “French” fry). That was a mind-blowing grilled pork tenderloin, peppercorn sauce. The pork is excellent in Thailand. $7.
Having crossed back over, Le Meridien Resort sits in its own cove just south of Patong. It has been there for 33 years. One year new, my first trip here in 1988. I was surprised to see Badoit on offer, which is my favorite sparkling eau minerale in the world.

OK, a few actual words about the election….

Chagrin comes to mind. Notice that the bromide is ‘no evidence of widespread fraud,’ and not ‘there was no fraud.’ It amounts to ‘yea, ok, but you can’t prove it,’ just like in the movies. But this is the core base of this supposed democracy and a core tenet of that is faith and trust. So the trust now is simply that Republicans won’t turn around and do the same thing to them, and they’re not wrong. And that in itself ought to cause pause.

In many ways, the Democrats are deaf to the voices of their own consciences. But, they have rationalized that, since Trump is the greatest evil, all other evil is justified as being lesser.

In addition to getting to live with a situation that’s not just trumped up to appear illegitimate—they know in their hearts it was, so: chagrin—they get to have a senile old pedophile who sniffs children in public and a skanky-looking, beat-up and used whore who slept her way to prominence.

That’s a turd you can’t polish. There was a reason Biden couldn’t get more than a few hundred people to a RALLY!!!

Whether the circus-show will be overturned or not, it is a case of having gone too far, and enough evidence has already been presented to make Trump the first President-not-President, because he’ll be holding enormous rallys for 4 years, embarrassing the whole corrupt gig, so-called Republican brown nosers, too.

Democrats needed people to make this fraud spectacle happen in every key place it had to happen. They needed lots of people. That means at least some not small number are going to be stupid people.

And stupid people do stupid things, thinking they can get away with it. Jails are stocked full of them.

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