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If you want.

If anyone is wondering where my Twitter presence went, they summarily bombed my account after 13 years and 7,000 followers; and as usual, completely erroneously. Another user didn’t like what I wrote, said if I do it again: “I’ll end you.”

I quoted it back, mocked him, and gave him my physical address. Of course, that makes me the one threatening violence.

That’s your Brave New World.

But I’m beyond giving a fuck, at this point. I just want to go forward and create things that bring value to people’s lives—in a sort of How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World vein.

Looks like Parler finally got their stuff back up and running after the coordinated attacks by Google and Apple to kill their app in their respective stores, and then Amazon—their service provider for all their servers—by simply hitting the off switch.

I wasn’t much interested in Paler until then.

And now I am. I’m confident I’m in good company, so come find me @FreeTheAnimaldotcom.

Funny how the opposite of intended consequences work.

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