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I Want You To Think Diet and Lifestyle

Nai Harn Beach, South Phuket, Thailand

I said I am getting back into diet advocacy. This is true.

What I have come to realize—in both the intervening years since I was a Paleo Diet influencer and in the year since I’ve been an expat in Thailand—is that the diet part is damn easy.

What fucks you up is the life you live.

I’d say lead, but that’s not it. You follow a so-called life, don’t you? And diet is just a menu item and you don’t like the restaurant, much.

How else would I know, if I’m not the worst offender?

Let’s make this unbelievably and uncharacteristically short.

If you have chronic problems with weight and body fat, your diet is not a cause. It is an effect of crap for a life that you don’t truly love. It may be good for someone else; not for you.

The trappings of it all don’t really help. The trappings are features, but you need to use them and it doesn’t matter so much their characteristics. The only thing about the features of one life vs. another is that one is more attractive to you, on the surface. But it’s not automatic. Any life has features. If not used, you have no lifestyle.

Living has become euphemism for merely existing; a default position, nothing close to gusto or joie de vivre.

Being busy—to fake it until you make it—is just as bad as eating carb + fat crap—and to digress: 100% the cause of fat; except ketotards—who skip the carbs and double, triple, or quadruple the fat, to make fat gain the most efficient sort of fat gain on the planet.

I’ll be talking about half, specific diet; half, specific lifestyle. You don’t have to move to the paradise on earth where I live in order to get your life in order.

This is just my style where I’m exercising its features because it’s my preference. I’ve put together a short video I hope you enjoy.

The Motorcycle Drive From Rawai to Nai Harn Beach via Ya Nui Seaview. Phuket, Thailand
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