As The Covid Petrification Peters, What’s The Next Petrifying Thing?

One thing we know since about November of 2016, is that this world with its ubiquitous "smart" phones—with far more people below 100 IQ on them than above—combined with its fully mature Social Scare and Cancel Media, is that the elite, the political class, the media, and the corporate giants love to keep the world petrified in fear and loathing...but not in Las Vegas. That has to go, too.

So I'm kinda mostly done with Covid. It is what it was, I doubt vaccines are going to be required in most places and if not, the idea of vaccine passports widely in use just won't fly unless everyone's really ready to reset back to far more primitive and sparse times economically. No sense beating an almost dead horse, so far as I can see. Perhaps we'll go back to the good old days of "respiratory, flu-like illness and onset pneumonia" as a catch-all kind of cause of death, since that's what is it and there has never been anything particularly remarkable about Covid, still dwarfed by magnitudes compared to other pandemics like the Spanish flu during WWI.

Bill Maher occasionally has a clip well worth watching. Yep, plenty of BS in it, but plenty that's dead on straight up.

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Richard Nikoley

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