Post Covid Intervention Ergo, Propter Covid Intervention

"Shortly after he began eating a Paleo, Primal, Whole Foods, Low-Carb, Ketogenic diet, he died."

Get it?

The point is, it's very hard to assign proximate cause for the whole bunches of effect we practice in a modern human life.

Want a clear and unambiguous cause of death? It's easy.

Post bullet to the head ergo, propter bullet to the head


  1. Post Covid ergo, propter Covid (catch all)
  2. Post maskless ergo, propter maskless (or the inverse, with masks—so it's heads we win, tails you lose)
  3. Post close contact ergo, propter close contact (and inverse)
  4. Post gameday ergo, propter gameday
  5. Post obesity ergo, propter Covid
  6. Post diabetes ergo, propter Covid
  7. Post heart disease ergo, propter Covid

Well that's a perfect seven but the list goes on indefinitely. All cause of death is Covid, now. At least a very Big Lots of it.

The reason—post hoc ergo, propter hoc—is still quoted in Latin is because the logical fallacy is about the oldest on the books. For some reason, having an average IQ of 100 (increasingly perilous, that) subsumes, apparently, this most human inability to be critically thinking about cause.

There was not a whole lot of excess total all-cause death in 2020 worldwide, if any, really—and they are trying hard to hide that fact. Had there been, for sure it would have been gleefully chalked up to Covid by those who clamor for as much death as they can get in order to go in front of a camera to tell you about it with a masked face (even when only a facade). But because there is not that yearned for, pined for, and excruciatingly hoped-for data for a lot more death, they can't post-and-propter you so easily.

So, ALL-CAUSE mortality has not yet been "adjusted" for Covid.

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