I Finally Understand “50 Shades of Grey”

It's not as though I ran away from a considered understanding of it. I simply noted early on that it seemed to be a chick phenomenon, which is fine. Building a solid wrap-around deck, only to retire aftarwars with your man-clan—around a fire, with alcohol and smokes, telling lies...that's a guy phenomenon.

I never gave a mindful thought to the barrage of bullshit messaging and signalling that admonishes—to one and all— what to think in order to get along with the cool narrative. There are rewards in play, you know. You get Likes, and not just virtual ones. That all exists for all the stupid people. It does. The shallow and the stupid. The unserious. If it's mainstream popular, it's only because that's the biggest market and the biggest is the dumbest. Media and advertising are generally designed to exploit your dumbest weaknesses to the point you pay.

But I'm probably putting more into it than is called for. I got a lesson in this thing last night.

Yui, my 28yo Thai GF found it on Netflix and watched it not once, but twice, as I was pounding the keyboard a few feet away. It has Thai subtitles.

She was largely dumbfounded and confused the first time through. The second time, she was all on board. At points, she squealed in delight, as though it was the Lucky Number (Thai Lottery) TV broadcast every 2 weeks, and she's 2 digits away from the 12 million baht jackpot.

This morning, she says something like "he do EVERYTHING. He so handsome, she not even have to touch him or do anything and she love it and she come anyway."

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