My Random Quick Takes #4

This is Crazy Good

In December of 2019 I sent off a testosterone test kit to EverlyWell. Just curious, just shy of 59 years old. Got a result, 85 pg/mL. It was in the green, so didn't think much about it except that it's in the lower half of the normal range which annoys me. I moved to Thailand right at the same time, mid-Jan, 2020, but the only lifestyle changes were that I was certainly getting out more, more sunshine, more frequent fasting, and more sex.

In Thailand, you can purchase the prescription hardon drugs at any pharmacy and I learned many guys—young and old—use them, not for dysfunction but for enhancement. Thailand has its own Sildenafil under the brand name Sidegra and it's anywhere from $6-10 for 4 of them, 100mg.

Hesitant at first, then why not? Well, it's not fireworks but it does have an effect and you might suddenly realize, "oh, yea, I remember being 20, 1/3rd my current age." They use the word libido but for me? Enthusiasm is a better word. It's kinda like, "well, I paid good money for this lasting and extended hardon, might as well use it. Might be fun."

So this got me interested in T and I began researching and taking various herbal things, but not hormonal replacement therapy—though many do here; there's specialized clinics and it's comparatively cheap.

Having now noticed some differences, improvements in certain things—a substantial list, really—I got another test just now and annotated it to the image, above.

That's a 38% increase in Free T at the age of 60.

As you might be aware, Free and not Total is the prime number. Now I can get busy with the Testosterone For Old Dudes series right here on this blog. I really love sinking my teeth into a worthwhile series.

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