I Got Stuck In A Rut

The good thing for me is that these occasional ruts are good for me.

It's not the first time and will not be the last. It happens out of the blue, when I find myself wondering what the fuck I'm doing.

And ironically, it comes about six weeks since I made the radical move to turn this into a Members' blog after 18 years of publicly-available content. I was prepared at the outset to call it off, but the memberships come in daily, still. And it's to the point where it's viable (a guy even paid me a year's subscription in Bitcoin yesterday, marking a first). All that's left to do is steadily grow the membership. Proof of concept is done.

But I have a nagging problem. Sure, for as long as I've been around, there will certainly be a number who will sign up because—for better or worse—they just happen to enjoy my style and are willing to pay to keep getting it. But when does that dry up? I'm not at the level of paid membership I want to be and excitedly, a million paid members is pretty much as easy to manage with my digital tools as is 1,000—99.9999% runs automated and Stripe as a payment processor is phenomenal after I've hated and loathed every CC processor I ever had before, in various businesses. Somewhere in-between is where my sweet spot lies.

I'm well aware that I occupy a one-off sort of niche that nobody else can believably copy. At the same time, part of that is that I exert zero effort in really reach-out self-promotion. It's always a "you come to me" promotion, which is low effort. I'm just mindful of appearing to be a cheap and disgusting word-whore spewing bullshit meaningless promises for the consumption of fools and morons—people whose money I don't even want.

So, enough of my inner conflicts.

What have I resolved?

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Richard Nikoley

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