The Covid-19 Smoking Gun? Patent Applications Since 1999?

I'm vaccinated against conspiracy theories.

I consider them easy "explanations" for lazy people who sit on their asses and just have Alex Jones tell them what to think just enough to gain the wisdom of stupidity and ignorance. For another thing, who doesn't "conspire?"

"We conspired to put on a surprise birthday party for my dad."

Mostly, people find it easier to conclude nefarious conspiratorial and traitorous behavior as a just-so explanation than to work through the value-and-profit propositions, biases, conflicts of interest, and all the other things that tend towards enriching some at the expense of others through legal, rent-seeking machinations. I just posted a Twitter Thread about that.

When illegal and traitorous, they're also what's been known for eons as secrets too big to keep. In an age of whistle blowing, we apparently still hold that the JFK Assassination, Apollo Moon Landing, and 9/11 are tantamount to The Ellipsoid Earth, which everyone has been cajoled into believing.

I also call it skepticism run amok or, unbridled skepticism. In a world where everything that's big news is not as it seems, then nothing is as it seems. You can't trust your senses and Alex Jones and that sort of thing becomes your senses for everything.

So What About Covid-19?

It's not Covid, anymore. It's a crafted narrative that you are to believe in and act towards accordingly, even reluctantly, at the cost of social disapproval. It's a package deal. It's whole.

The fundamental thing in play is that for many thousands of years, since the dawn of civilization, this political machination is to render the writings of Machiavelli and Plato—politicians—equivalent to those of Aristotle, who held: "just the facts, ma'am."

Which means: facts never matter. What only ever matters is the number of other who like and love you.

There're apps for that.

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