Democrats Co-Opted The Trump Vaccine And Trump Dodges A Bullet

Careful What You Wish For A mind-worm post where you may not have considered double-edged swords, silver linings, or getting what you wished for (and got it completely). “We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.” — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Amidst the Afghanistan full-on-disaster, much else is brewing in the co-crisis; because with…Read More

Covid-19, Vaccines, Africa, Ivermectin, Clown-Car Circuses, and Shit Shows

I've used the mental image of a Clown-Car Circus very often on social media for many months. I was content with it. Over the past couple of weeks watching events transpiring in Afghanistan, I'm inclined to think that the entire planet has become a Shit Show. So let's get to the Shit Show. AFRICA I'm 60 years old and pretty much all my life there has been the constant social drone of just a little…Read More

Are Covid-19 Vaccines A Failure?

Perspective of the heightened hysteria The 1st World is gonna top out at 50-60% vaccinated for Covid-19, and the rest just aren't buying it and adoption isn't increasing, but decreasing. Looks like the BS cajoling is having a small effect in USA. Unsurprising. Just say "can't go to McDonald's!!!" That will get more people vaxxed up than any other possible measure. Those getting vaccinated now are largely not doing so for any critically-assessed health reasons…Read More

Where Have You Been?

I’m not going to give excuses. I write a lot, I like it, and that’s not changed. Better I say that I kicked off this series a bit prematurely: Permanent Crisis Is The New Normal — Prosper Anyway #1 I did so right at both the beginning of greater Covidiocy-Child-Like-Fear-Lockdown measures here in Thailand, plus...…Read More