Are Covid-19 Vaccines A Failure?

Perspective of the heightened hysteria

The 1st World is gonna top out at 50-60% vaccinated for Covid-19, and the rest just aren't buying it and adoption isn't increasing, but decreasing.

Looks like the BS cajoling is having a small effect in USA.


Just say "can't go to McDonald's!!!" That will get more people vaxxed up than any other possible measure. Those getting vaccinated now are largely not doing so for any critically-assessed health reasons whatsoever—with most of their doctors being wholly derelict in helping in that assessment—but for various reasons of convenience. To be part of the I'm Vaccinated Club, which is the most pathetic thing I've ever heard of.

No, I am not going to go into the morass of abject bullshit. Very few are actually assessing their risk of a Covid bad outcome and comparing it to the risk of a bad vaccination outcome. I don't know whether the vaccines (and there are several and each ought to be assessed independently) are, in total, good or bad. I suspect it's an "it depends" kind of thing: no one way or the other, for everyone.

Irish community in mourning as tributes paid to talented young sportsman after 'untimely' death—The talented sportsman, who died after a short illness on Tuesday, enjoyed huge success as a football player with Villa FC and Waterford United

Tributes are pouring in for "a fine young footballer and super person" who sadly passed away at just 23 years of age.

Roy Butler, from Waterford city, is being remembered as "a lovely young man" whose death has led to "devastation" in his local and sporting communities.

The talented sportsman, who died after a short illness on Tuesday, enjoyed huge success as a football player with Villa FC and Waterford United.

You can read through the entire remaining two feet of tribute and you will not find a single whisper of the smoking gun.

That's just one story. There are thousands of others.


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