Social Media Costs You Big Bucks!

The backstory: The Definitive Case For Deleting Social Media.

In This Issue:

  • Introduction
  • Seeking Chronic Stimulation
  • Depoliticization --> Socialization
  • Politics Isn't Moralizing
  • Donald Trump
  • To My Point — How Much Money Is All This Crap Costing You?


T'was 18 days ago that I moved it all to the trash—no exceptions, no sock accounts, no hedging, no qualifications, no quarter. Zero means zero. It's not hard at all. It's liberating to an extent that leaves you shaking your head. It's like waking up from a trance or drunken stupor, as applicable.

That said, I have the experience of having lived a life with no Internet for about 35 years and no social media for about 50 years. Imagine what my own move would be like for someone under 30—those who have grown up in the Socialized Cesspool.

It strikes me as a bit unique because while there have always been Luddites, that's really about dishonesty and laziness—the hallmark of what's unionized leftism, socialism, Marxism, parasitism. The difference is between taking a sledgehammer to computers, cutting Internet lines, and smashing that can truly change recognizing that there are good and bad ways to use tools.

It's argued that Social Media qua tool does some good, too.

I fully acknowledge that.

So does marijuana. So does liquor. Perhaps, even tobacco. Probably some other self-use medication—that's illegal because it cuts out rent-seeking pharma and middlemen—helps some get by and cope, do less harm to others. And if none of that applies, perhaps wise use can be chalked up to hormesis.

So who should use them? Everybody, no exceptions, few limits? Your children—one and all, and as soon as possible?

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