Drugs And Foods Being Pilloried To Maintain EUA For Covid Vaccines

  • What Is Emergency Use?
  • About Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs)
  • The Control Group
  • Onions
  • Aspirin
  • Ranitidine
  • NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine)
  • My Use Of The Miracle Med/Supp NAC
  • Double-Plus-Bad Sales Pitch

What Is Emergency Use?

The reason you know that all the “vaccines” (they actually aren’t) are bullshit and you’re an idiot-fool if you took any of them, is that they were all only and are still, experimental ideas. Yea, perhaps they scienced the fuck out of them to nth degrees. Ultimately, they must be tested on the human population, which takes years of careful data gathering and analysis. Those who participate in such trials are volunteers. Is being threatened with the loss of your livelihood unless you volunteer, volunteering?

How fucking dumb are you? I don’t begrudge any volunteer, but to take an experimental injection SO I CAN TRAVEL!!!? Stupid move. Understand that you got chumped. You take your place amongst all the other chumps. A good proportion will never take it, on principle, such as myself. I’m not anti-vaxx and got a good number of bread-and-butter vaccines as a kid—for shit that actually killed fuck-tons of kids. I’m good with that. Now, the whole world wrings hands over a virus that culls old fucks past their due date. Goodonya if you survive, but the world is in a 2-yr clusterfuck where in many countries, the median age of a Covid death—so-assigned drunken-sailor liberally—is higher than the median age of death, period. You fucking morons: those who ever gave this a serious worry from about March 2020 on…

You don’t get to tell me what to do when I’m just sitting here, not harming anyone. Living and breathing freely, walking around freely does not bestow me with your Nouveau Original Sin. Fuck the fuck off. Each of you, worldwide.

To understand how fucktarded are quite a lot of folks you know: your friends and your family…who rushed to queue up…you have to understand Emergency Use, where the only thing all those idiots understood, is: APPROVED!!!

Those of us old enough recall the old-mamma scolding admonition where you have used the excuse for wrongdoing that “someone told me to:”

“What if they told you to jump in the lake?”

About Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs)

The Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) authority allows FDA to help strengthen the nation’s public health protections against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats including infectious diseases, by facilitating the availability and use of medical countermeasures (MCMs) needed during public health emergencies.

Under section 564 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act), when the Secretary of HHS declares that an emergency use authorization is appropriate, FDA may authorize unapproved medical products or unapproved uses of approved medical products to be used in an “emergency” to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions caused by CBRN threat agents when certain criteria are met, including there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives. The HHS declaration to support such use must be based on one of four types of determinations of threats or potential threats by the Secretary of HHS, Homeland Security, or Defense.

Please note: a determination under section 319 of the Public Health Service Act that a public health emergency exists, such as the one issued on January 31, 2020, does not enable FDA to issue EUAs. On February 4, 2020, the HHS Secretary determined that there is a public health emergency that has a significant potential to affect national security or the health and security of United States citizens living abroad, and that involves the virus that causes COVID-19. Subsequent HHS declarations supporting use of EUAs and based on this determination are described in the blue boxes below.

(My edits in scare-quote and bold text)

Isn’t it interesting that EUA has been around for a long time, yet the politicization of Covid requires everyone to go back and edit their shit, as in the “please note,” for one single disease amongst thousands? It’s a total politicization telltale and everything is politicized, now, “in order to keep the population alarmed and hence, clamorous to be led to safety” (H.L. Mencken, circa ’30s).

The notable is this: “including there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives.”

This is exactly why hydroxychloroquine suffered such an avalanche of political, cable, and social media onslaught early on. That would not have happened had it been useless with only quacks administering it. In fact, a lot of top-doc mavericks around the world were using it and doing what good docs competently do: figuring out the right dose and timing, along with adjuncts (like zinc) to figure out the highest effectiveness for the highest number of patients. Always variable, too. A doc on scene can quickly assess whether the dose is being effective per experience and modify the dose and/or timing. Imagine that! A doctor actually practicing medicine as trained and licensed to do, over like 12 fucking years…attending to you personally.

But NO!!! That shit-stain Fauci and the WHO—who don’t know you from dog-sit on their shoe—knows better for your individual situation.

You miserable and pathetic fucking fools.

I fart in your general direction and spew you out of my mouth like lukewarm runny egg yolk.

So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

Revelation 3:16 (KJV)

The Control Group

A few days ago I published a post for the paid-membership level, as is my duty: A Long-Ass Cathartic Covidism Bullsh*t Roundup. The great thing about the paid membership is that there’s not only zero ads, “sponsors,” or any of that bullshit that gives you the false impression of FREE!!! but also, zero trolls. This gives you an insight. Trolls are parasites, no exceptions. They typically can’t even bother to write more than a sentence or two, anonymous hit & run style. Actually paying a membership (which I’d cancel instanter) to come fuck with me or the good folk would just never happen. They are easily foreclosed in my model.

Valued paid-member Paul contributed huge value which we’ll see and is the foundation of this post, but he began with this.

In UK at least, they succeeded in eliminating the “control group”.

COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report – week 42

For me, scanning through it, gleaning the basics of the many charts, I come away with the general impression that old people over 80 tend to die a lot. What a damn surprise. It used to be over 70. Before that, it used to be over 60…all the way down to over 40. A few hundred years ago, I’d be 20 years past my due date.

Let’s juxtapose 3 charts from the official UK Health Security Agency.

Seems perfectly normal to me if you were to chart any respiratory virus. …The bigger difference being that certain influenza viruses kill kids too, and pneumonia is the biggest killer of kids under 5 in the world; often, it’s not the flu that kills you, it’s the downstream pneumonia. Imagine charting the common cold. While the amplitude (raw numbers) might be less for the 70-80+, don’t be a fucking moron and instead, understand that the common cold kills old people every day around the world. It just happened to be their last straw.

We have plenty of data to show conclusively that the most loved and cherished ailment in the history of mankind (Politicized Covid-19) is easier on kids than a dog has with fleas.

Taking the charts at face value, those who should be getting Covid in great numbers—unvaccinated kids—are gloriously getting Covid in great numbers. Hey, just another obvious value to having bunches of little, adorable munchkins. They literally are the seeds sown to achieve herd immunity. The one caveat, of course, is the viruses that target and kill kids. We can all name them off the tops of our heads. The wondrous vaccines that put a stop to those have been around for decades and you’re a moron if you don’t recognize that.

Few who are protesting these rushed and insufficiently tested “vaccines” (they are nothing of the sort) are anti-vaxx people. They’re the only smart people left, because if you’re under 70 and got one of these lab-rat concoctions or don’t have life-threatening co-morbs, you’re a fucking moron dumb sheep, and there are no exceptions.

I will concede that the charts clearly show that vaccination in the elderly gives better outcomes in terms of death. Fair enough? But, for how long? How often will you need a booster? The data out of Israel on Pfizer specifically, looking at about 32,000 subjects, suggests that you get about 5 or 6 months of benefit. Ok, then. Up to you. I’ll take my chances. I’ve never even had an annual flu shot, never will. I hate fretting over mortality. Instead, I ponder the quality of my life day-to-day and what I might change to better maintain it or make it better.

When it’s time, it’s time. I’m 20 years away from “winning life,” for which my own definition is: living to 80 years in good health. All gravy, after that. My dad is “three years past due date,” and my mom just won life last April, in spite of her Type II Diabetes condition, which her brain controls better than a pancreas.

Lothar and Bonny Nikoley. 62nd Anniversary in June. 83 and 80.

Guess what the telling last paragraph of the UK Health vaccine surveillance report says.

Neither of these models will be updated going forward. This is due to these models being unable to account for the interventions that would have been implemented in the absence of vaccination. Consequently, over time the state of the actual pandemic and the no-vaccination pandemic scenario have become increasingly less comparable. For further context surrounding this figure and for previous estimates, please see previous vaccine surveillance reports.

Translation: The control group (unvaccinated) is increasingly making the intervention group (vaccinated) look like a bunch of sheepish fools and we can’t have that.

Annual paid-subscriber Paul continues and continues.

Another thing that I noticed – not just hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, but they’ve been quietly removing, recalling, discrediting or discouraging many other useful drugs from the very beginning. Even foods, with the recent onion recall.

It is true that a recall does not equate to a ban, but at the population level it will have a noticeable impact. In general, product recalls lead to lower purchase intention. I’ll post the examples in separate comments below.


October 20, 2021

CDC Food Safety Alert: Whole onions identified as the source of large ongoing Salmonella outbreak

October 24, 2021

FDA announces more onion recalls due to salmonella outbreak

October 25, 2021

Onion recall expanded: Check your onions again, more linked to salmonella cases


Anti-inflammatory, Anti-thrombotic and Antiviral Substances from Onions could be an Option for the Treatment of COVID-19

Absorption and antioxidant effects of quercetin from onions, in man

Following the onion meal, quercetin levels increased from baseline values (28.4±1.9 ng/ml) to peak after 2 h (248.4±103.9 ng/ml). Quercetin can be absorbed in humans from dietary sources to high enough concentrations to increase the overall antioxidant activity of the plasma.


October 12, 2021

Most adults shouldn’t take daily aspirin to prevent heart attack, panel says

People age 60 or older should not start taking aspirin for heart disease and stroke prevention. This is a D grade.


April 2, 2013

Aspirin Seen Fueling $100 Billion Pensions Cost

‘Aspirin’s use fighting cancer has the potential to increase pension liabilities by as much as $100 billion by extending lifespans,’ a risk modeler said in a report.

‘The pension costs for men in the U.K. could rise by 0.7 percent within 20 years if more people begin taking aspirin daily, according to a statement by Risk Management Solutions Inc. today. An increase of that magnitude across the more than $13 trillion in pension liabilities in North America and Europe would be about the same as everyone giving up smoking within a generation,’ the modeling firm said.


The use of aspirin for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease is associated with a lower likelihood of COVID-19 infection

Aspirin Use Is Associated With Decreased Mechanical Ventilation, Intensive Care Unit Admission, and In-Hospital Mortality in Hospitalized Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019


April 01, 2020

FDA Requests Removal of All Ranitidine Products (Zantac) from the Market


Metallodrug ranitidine bismuth citrate suppresses SARS-CoV-2 replication and relieves virus-associated pneumonia in Syrian hamsters


30 June 2021

FDA studies: No post-ingestion NDMA from ranitidine

In comparing the recent FDA study to the 2016 urinary NDMA study, White and Hernandez observed that the earlier study did not use ‘FDA-developed stabilization and analytic techniques on their urine samples,’ making it likely that the NDMA detected was not produced in the body, but rather may have been ‘subsequently created ex vivo,’ according to White and Hernandez. That study was later retracted:

— However, don’t expect the drug’s return to market anytime soon, say editorialists.

Famotidine, structurally similar to ranitidine…

Memorandum from Trump’s doctor on COVID-19 treatment

In addition to the polyclonal antibodies, the President has been taking zinc, vitamin D, famotidine, melatonin and a daily aspirin.

12 July 2021

No association between chronic use of ranitidine, compared with omeprazole or famotidine, and gastrointestinal malignancies

NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine)

July 2020

The FDA sent warning letters to specific companies stating that N-acetyle-L-cysteine (NAC) cannot be lawfully marketed as a dietary supplement.

May 2021

Amazon has recently been quietly removing dietary supplement products containing NAC from their site, shortly after the news of FDA’s warning letters.


N-acetyl-cysteine reduces the risk for mechanical ventilation and mortality in patients with COVID-19 pneumonia

My Use Of The Miracle Med/Supp NAC

OK, I’ve only lightly formatted what paid-member Paul put up. Of course, I’ve eaten plenty of onions most of my life, in every way. I also prefer aspirin to both acetaminophen and ibuprofen, though I do take the latter sometimes. Here in Thailand, Tylenol is about it in regular stores. You can get Motrin at a pharmacy but there is no aspirin anywhere, anymore. Back in 2019 when I was hiking the Alpujarra in southeastern Spain with my buddy over a week and 100km, I stopped in a pharmacy to get aspirin and they literally had no clue what it is. Even when I popped up Google translate on my phone!!! Ibuprofen and acetaminophen is all they had. I opted for the former.

Having heard about the FDA ban on NAC and seeing it come off Amazon and other places, I began looking into it. By so many accounts, it’s a wonder “drug.” It has been available as a dietary supplement forever. Thousands in the know swear by it for a number of things. It seems to be a precursor to glutathione, the body’s most powerful antioxidant. It also seemingly crosses the blood/brain barrier.

I recently found out from another annual paid-subscriber—Andrew from UK and fellow Isaan expat here in Thailand (yea, young hot Thai wife, homestead in the village country…has an engineering firm in Bangkok)—that the Thais use NAC produced by compounding pharmacies, contained in effervescent tablets like Alka-Seltzer as a hangover cure. I found that out yesterday, but was already well aware of NAC for that purpose by accident.

I’d already acquired a cheap bottle of 600mg caps and had been taking it now and then. One time early on, I took it while having a bit to eat in the morning after a party night, sporting a rare hangover. I was feeling a bit awful and had zero motivation. Total malaise. An hour later, I’m Johnny On The Spot, tapping away furiously on the keyboard. Most impressively is that it not only took away the physical discomfort, but the psych-ass pussyfooting pathetic bullshit. It quickly restored un certain….je ne sais quoi…la passion de vivre…

Then, just a few days ago I get this weird-ass mucus buildup in my throat, half choking me. Could be some airborne allergy thing, since there were no other symptoms.

…I’m a big fan of OTC Mucinex in the states and in fact, 10 days after I arrived in Thailand via a day in China and on Chinese-owned airlines in January 2020…and came down with the weirdest “cold” ever…now suspected to be Covid since I test positive for antibodies, I went 100 meters to a pharmacy and asked the pharmacist (they all speak excellent English). She said “no, but I do have the active ingredient, guaifenesin, and you just combine with Tylenol.” Bingo. That’s Mucinex. Much relief.

So, the other day, I recalled from reading about it that NAC is widely used to break up and liquify mucus.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

One single 600mg cap and I was completely clear in an hour and have not had an issue since. Miracle magic.

But you can’t have it! It might be helpful against your favorite malady in all of human history, is dirt-ass cheap, and might call into question EMERGENCY USE!!! for patented crap that makes billions for the most darkly evil people on the face of planet earth. As usual, there are no exceptions.

Double-Plus-Bad Sales Pitch

After years of disappointment and frustration over how society is heading in general, I came to the realization in April—a handful of months back—that nonetheless, I still have a decent readership here. My drive was to turn this place into something immune from what everyone moans about…THEY SHADOWBANNED ME AND THEN CENSORED ME AND THEN CANCELLED ME!!!

While I think that’s just as short-sighted as a black cafe owner refusing to serve crackers at the lunch counter, I nonetheless generally think that the owners make the rules. Upon that realization and acceptance, you do the easy thing: own your own shit.

That’s what I put together, and rather quickly. By this point, I don’t think of it as I was proven right. Rather, I think whew, it worked! I have yet to get even a single word of pushback, not even from trolls on my public posts.

No, I’m not yet rolling in dough. What I am is humbled a bit and my vision (of rolling in dough) persists. To be honest with you? Most every day, I get a new paid subscriber or two. When I see the email notification, underlying the simple joy of it is a tinge of embarrassment where I half ask myself if I’d pay me for what I do.

I kind of love that feeling and I can’t explain it. I’d hope it’s in keeping with the highest ambitions and aspirations of those who create stuff for people to look at, read, watch, or listen to and they can’t tell you honestly why anyone likes it.

Fuck, I dunno. But I seem to love doing it. Guess I’ll press on, then. Onward, mate.

My gig is this. I’m an obvious polymath, which is a fancy word to denote someone who is conversant or competently skilled in a wide array of things. I fly hang gliders, sailplanes, power…can grill an amazing ribeye…reduce a perfect sauce…smoke anything…start and run a company…command the helmsman to bring a 13,000 ton ship alongside the peer and much more…especially if you ask the girls… My GF of almost 2 years—whom I’ve labored with in teaching entrepreneurial skills—is now clearing an average of 1,000 baht per day in her own handbag business (on average, Thais earn less than half that in regular jobs). In 4 years, she’ll finally be half my age. Teach a Thai chick to fish…

Long time readers know all this. 5,000 posts here on everything prove this. I can take up any new interest in the world and within days to weeks, be conversant enough to discuss it with experts. It’s just how I’m made. It’s fucking easy for me.

What’s the difference? Almost everyone else is a single-issue creator. They do politics. Or philosophy. Or yoga and meditation. Or food. Or diet. Or health, mental or physical. Or travel. Or business opportunity. Or whatever. I do all of them and I do it decently. Never do I have to sit around knowing I have to publish something and contrive it within my niche. I just change the topic. That has always been my way, always will be.

I allow myself to become obsessed by one single thing over the space of a few months. That’s fun. In all cases it simply arises and I ride it. It always feels good and that feeling spills over to here.

I write lots of bad words. What you think about that is none of my business.

Here’s the deal, from engagement as tow dipper to spending money.

  1. Just subscribe to the newsletter if not already. I now email the whole list for every post since all creation is here, archived forever and owned exclusively by me
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  4. Realize memorizing that order clutters your mind, so take the 30% discount, go annual at $50, and don’t give it another thought

I should mention that I loath all sites where it’s so easy to sign-up online, and so difficult to cancel online. It’s one or two clicks to cancel, no worries no questions.

As I am moving the needle forward daily, it’s only natural that the content I write and publish gradually shifts from public and free member to paid member. It’s also possible that the subscription price increases over time. If I go the latter, I will always grandfather subscribers at whatever rate they came in with, even when, eventually, a subscription costs $100 per month or $1,000 per year ($200 OFF!!!).

Here’s the deals, from lowest engagement to highest.

Or, just jump on in and start being less fucked up and dumb.

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  1. GEORGENE on October 28, 2021 at 19:15

    “I fart in your general direction and…” Oh dear I didn’t think I’d be laughing so hard, so early in the morning!

    OK, I’ll go back and read the rest, but that is golden….GOLDEN!

  2. GEORGENE on October 28, 2021 at 19:24

    Hahaha, one of the movies I have actually SEEN! I had forgotten about that, though. Good job 🙂

  3. paul paul on October 28, 2021 at 20:36

    Thank you and I’m really glad you found my comments worthwhile.

  4. Ray Pecheone on October 28, 2021 at 22:08

    Dude. I went to Amazon to buy some NAC to try ( I generally loathe all supplements but hearing your anti-hangover effect I want to try it) and its GONE. You cannot get it. So I googled and found it at Life Extension. I couldn’t believe it.

    • Ray Pecheone on October 28, 2021 at 22:09

      Oh and I see that you said Amazon was removing it lol. Either way I had to check and yup its all gone.

    • Richard Nikoley on October 28, 2021 at 22:23

      Let us know what you think if you can get your hands on some. Do note that I’m referring to experiences where I can have clear resolution: being hungover as fuck and being choked as fuck with mucos.

      You may have to get fucking drunk to do a valid self experiment.

    • Barbara on October 29, 2021 at 02:32

      I’ve been buying the stuff off Amazon for years for hangovers, then suddenly POOF!.. Amazon can’t find that page.. smfh! Swanson Vitamins has some as of October 29th. Fkg ridiculous!

  5. GEORGENE on October 28, 2021 at 22:31

    I have four bottles of NAC. Can’t remember whether it was Chris Masterjohn or Mike Eades that clued me in, but I tend to move quickly when I see something that could be helpful is likely to be restricted. Unfortunately I’m not gonna get “fucking drunk,” so I can’t help you with that. 🙂 But if I should get sick…..I’ll let you know what happens when I take it.

    I do have a question, though, and it’s likely to highlight my ignorance of things that others take for granted. If NAC is a “precursor” to Glutathione, why not just use Glutathione? I have been using L-Glutathione at Masterjohn’s suggestion for quite some time, and it does help with my asthma. I mean, immediate help – none of this “take it for 30 days and see what happens” crap. I take one before every exercise session and the pain has literally disappeared.

    So….if you know, I’d like to hear thoughts on why someone would take NAC instead of L-Glutathione (does it have anything to do with the “L” in front? I don’t know.)

    • Richard Nikoley on October 28, 2021 at 23:06

      Well, it goes to the forever debate of the bioavailability of glutathione directly. Some say it isn’t some say there are forms that have a bit of bioavailability.

      I think the best money is on bioavaikable stuff that is established precursor, since glutathione is the chief antioxidant and our bodies produce it for that purpose, since our bodies also oxidize the fuck out of ourselves.


    • Greg Bryson on October 29, 2021 at 09:25

      It depends on your needs. NAC does some things like scavenge glutamate in the brain that make it useful for some psychological conditions. It can also fulfill a number of the same antioxidant roles that glutathione does. NAC supplementation typically boosts glutathione, but you also need enough glycine in your diet (collagen, etc.) or the glycine will limit glutathione production. It is also the case that genetics and other factors (like age, chronic disease, etc.) influence how well an individual can produce glutathione. So some individuals will not see much uptick in glutathione from taking NAC. They will need to take glutathione directly. Chris Masterjohn has asserted that the cheaper reduced L-glutathione is absorbable. I think he’s correct. I personally feel some slight mucus thinning after 600 mg of Jarrow brand reduced glutathione. Probably neither oral NAC or oral glutathione will thin mucus as well as aerosolized NAC, but I don’t think that’s over the counter. I imagine that liposomal glutathione is more bioavailable, but I’ve never seen a head to head test, so it’s impossible to say if it’s worth the extra cost.

  6. Resurgent on October 28, 2021 at 22:32

    The best of you in a few paragraphs..
    Well done Richard – you made my day.
    And thanks to Paul for his research – looking forward to more details in the paid section.

  7. GEORGENE on October 29, 2021 at 01:09

    Thanks for the info, Richard. I will study further to understand better. Given that my l-glutathione worked almost immediately, that makes me wonder whether I am experiencing a bit of placebo effect. Worth looking into!

    And for any of your readers who are having trouble finding NAC, it’s available at least for now at at what I consider to be a reasonable price. It’s in bulk form, as stated, but that shouldn’t be a challenge for folks here. Also, anyone living near Mexico shouldn’t have much trouble obtaining the human form of ivermectin, as it’s OTC there.

  8. Alan Andersen on October 29, 2021 at 11:30

    I think the NAC is really working for me. Had to scrounge around the alternative online health supplement stores and it is easy to find there. I too, frequently wake up with the mucus in my throat and lungs. Regarding dosage, I saw a tweet somewhere saying to just try taking like 2.4 grams daily for a few weeks and the results will be amazing. So I’ve been doing that for about three weeks and I think there just might be something to that. I am starting to feel better breathing wise than I have for a long long time. So it comes in those 600 mg capsules. I take two capsules in the morning and two at night, for a total of 600 mg times 4 equals 2,400 mg or 2.4 grams.

    I’m wondering what anyone thinks about that dosage and whether it is something to do permanently or or do for a few weeks and lay off for awhile. For now, I am going to keep taking that large dose daily for awhile.

    • Richard Nikoley on October 29, 2021 at 11:42

      Thanks for that, Alan. I really hadn’t looked into dosage yet and was just popping one as needed.

      I may try this since I seem to feel really good mood wise after taking it, so this might be a good test to see if my writing work focus improves and is more consistent and steady.

  9. Stephen Smith on November 9, 2021 at 05:48

    I take nac and Theracurmin before alcohol. Glad I stocked up on nac. I think whey protein has the same effect on glutathione as nac.

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