Musings: Vaccines, Virus, Masks, Chess, and Boxing

English Sunday Dinner at The Tavern; Kata Beach, Phuket

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  • A Thought Experiment About Masks
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  • I Watched The Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder Heavyweight Boxing Match

A Canadian Expat Kicked Me Out of the Universe

One of the elements I've enjoyed now for about 9 1/2 months living here on Phuket is the expat crowd. Generally, pretty high quality—much different than the woke scene of Karens and Kens in Chiang Mai, the pot-bellied sexpats of Pattaya...or whatever the urban crown of Bangkok is like (I spend as little time as possible in BKK).

It came to pass that the first resident I met was a Brit guy, here over 30 years already. He owns three thriving restaurants on the main beach road. He and another guy often sponsor BBQ or fish-fry get-togethers of upwards of a dozen other guys from all over—generally from countries with English as first language.

Three Americans, a Brit, and a Canadian

While I have no moral reservations about giving out Eugene's last name, on a personal note it seems a bit butthurt and puerile like, so I'll pass. I'll say that Eugene is the quiet type; so, a valid assumption is that perhaps he's more intelligent, thoughtful, reserved.

I hadn't seen him since the heavier lockdowns got going mid-July, about three months ago; until Saturday night, just a few days after easings on Oct 1. Bars, night clubs, and pool halls can open again, until 10pm when the vampires come out to prey on the wicked.

After Martin, from Scotland I think, came up to great me, I spotted Eugene across the way. So I head over.

"Hey Eugene, how have you been? I was just chatting with Martin across the way."

"I'm fine," he replies, then adds, "are you vaccinated?"

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