Israel And Jews Take Top Limelight Yet Again

Over the years doing what I do, it's inevitable that you're always encountering folks who blame the Jews for everything. It's quite curious and amusing, because half the time, they're the same dudes decrying chicks who blame men for everything. Let's just say that there seems to be a lazy and dishonest propensity in humans to SEEK ANSWERS!!! as to the source of their own problems. So at the outset and to be clear, I…Read More

Planet Lockdown — The Must Watch of The Must Watch

I realized I was remiss this morning in not having put this out to my audience and with to whom they might themselves, in their private wisdom. So I’m correcting that. Because, of course, what I do is for myself as a public service—my giving at the office—and turning this blog into the mostly-paid membership…Read More

Alex Berenson Makes Mainstream Media Go Apoplectic

Triggered! Last evening I began getting hints that a segment on Fox's Tucker Carlson Tonight was causing waves of deep outrage elsewhere in media la-la land. What could that have been? It was a 4-minute appearance by former NYT journalist Alex Berenson, also author of the recent book, Pandemia: How Coronavirus Hysteria Took Over Our Government, Rights, and Lives. What could have been so awful as to get major outlets to jump right to their…Read More

Fox: Only 80% As Evil As Your Regular News

I’m mildly enough of a fan that I have them on my YouTube Channel subscribe list and they pump out a coupla dozen or more clips daly, typically ranging from 3 to 15 minutes. I get to check in on various Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham clips mostly, zero fucking commercial breaks. Gutfeld now and…Read More

Welcome Back To AIDS Again

I’ll begin with an admonishment to readers that this is highly speculative. I have a very good track record in “predicting the future,” but it’s because I’m a die-hard layman with nobody’s bread to butter…a polymath synthesizer and dot-connector. I see shit early, because there are no incentives knocking at my door to look away.…Read More

Person Gives People News

I’m convinced daily that “news” on a global scale—now also permeating social media, pushing out cat and friendly bear videos—is indeed the opiate of the masses. The addiction is pernicious. It’s a sort of subtile thing, I think. Being an “informed citizen,” so called, is seen as a a sort of civic virtue. That’s how…Read More

What’s Vladimir Putin’s Take On WOKE?

One curiosity for me is the incessant RUSSIANS!!! from the political left while bending over frontwise with hands clasping at ankles for the Chinese. My perspective is exactly opposite in terms of likeability and tolerance and I just detailed my own visit to the USSR shortly before its collapse. My off-the-cuff take is that for whatever their shortcomings, Russians exhibit strength and the Chinese, femininity and groupthink. It's a bit ironic because here in Thailand,…Read More

Owning Nothing; Nowhere To Spend Money

In 1990, I was the navigator of FS COLBERT (C611) as the US Navy officer on exchange with the French Navy (one of two of us, actually, and my buddy Vince got the gig as an instructor at the Naval Academy in Brest). One day we got the call. The Trip (Toulon, France to Sevastopol via Bonifacio, Messina, Aegean, Dardanelles, Istanbul, Bosphorus, and Black Sea)Sevastopol, USSR, 1990Why We Love To Spend MoneyThe Inspiration The Trip…Read More

Do You Smell Blood In The Water?

This post began about a week ago by this point and I ought to have just gone with what I’d put together by then and put it out there. Instead, I kept gathering and gathering until I had dozens of open tabs and saved items and by this morning I was simply too overwhelmed to…Read More

2 Years Ago Today

Yesterday—two years ago—was my 2-year anniversary arriving in Thailand. I had not specifically intended to make it my home but given Covid, it turned out that amongst the various southeast Asian places to be, Thailand was silly always, but not particularly crazy. Lockdown never ever meant stay home. Masks are an annoyance, but just do…Read More

Battleground Melbourne

This newly released documentary covering the abject, communist-style despotism by Daniel Andrews, the Prime minister of the State of Victoria in Australia, brought tears to my eyes too many times. It is a modern-day tale of what happens when that sort of person is bestowed with power. It never ends well. It won’t. …I have…Read More

A Chat With Moritz Bierling

We’ve had a couple in the past: A talk-to-interview with Moritz Bierling of Existential Ventures A Conversation About Everything With Moritz Bierling and Andy Curzon Maybe you’ve seen neither of those but if you wade into this and like it for its eclectic mix of flavor, you go watch those. Up to you. I’m 60…Read More

Nine Just Published Studies: It Might Be Too Late For You

Delivered with scant, sterilized, and non-vitriolic commentary: The Lyons-Weiler paperThe Harvard studyThe German studyThe Denmark studyGerman government data80% of the COVID deaths in the UK are vaccinatedLancet: 89% Of New UK COVID Cases Among Fully VaxxedNew big data study of 145 countries show COVID vaccines makes things worse (cases and deaths)Official UK Government data suggests Fully Vaccinated Brits will develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome by the end of February 2022 Modest thoughts. I can't predict what…Read More

If There’s Grass On The Field, Play Ball

Don't get the wrong idea. Read through to the summary... ...A few days ago I got a bit of shock and turmoil from a years-long correspondent in the UK. Older dude, sends me stuff he finds interesting very often—sometimes several per day. And I maintained the correspondence because he did often shoot me stuff that was not run-of-the-mill. Over the years I've learned, for example, that there's some Catholic Cardinals with deep intellectual minds who…Read More

Might We Finally Be Over The Covid Hump?

The Meta How About Negative Effectiveness? Real No-Shit Pathology Data In The NYT: Will ‘Forever Boosting’ Beat the Coronavirus? The Meta For nearly two years now I’ve been wondering “what will it take?” and each time I think “well, maybe this thing starts the ball rolling” I’ve been utterly wrong every time. But I was…Read More

I Almost Stepped In It

Sparing you a pic of real poop I got to it this morning, ready to write a post on something pretty alarming. How alarming? Well, it's related to the huge numbers of young, otherwise healthy athletes dropping dead on playing fields since the advent of the vaccines. It's about a 5-fold increase in 2021 from the average of previous years. I last blogged about this here. That obviously implicates vaccine injury as the common denominator—especially…Read More