2 Years Ago Today

Yesterday—two years ago—was my 2-year anniversary arriving in Thailand. I had not specifically intended to make it my home but given Covid, it turned out that amongst the various southeast Asian places to be, Thailand was silly always, but not particularly crazy.

Lockdown never ever meant stay home. Masks are an annoyance, but just do business with locals who don’t care.

The reason I write this short missive is that today, 2 years ago, I met my girl. Day number 2 of the 2-year anniversary.

But, also today, just a few hours ago, the two girls—Chili and Wasabi, 13 and 11—had the worst thing befall them.

Their father died. Lost battle with cancer.

So, this is merely a journal entry.

What I wrote to Yui a bit ago who kept saying “I’ll call you again later.”

Don’t worry about me. Minister to your daughters. For them, it is way too soon for their father to die. You still have your father and even me, I still have mine.

Richard Nikoley

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