The English Sunday Roast Dinners Of Thailand

If I were asked what I love about Thailand the most, I could answer in many ways. It's plain hard to not mention that you see amazingly beautiful, pretty, cute, and mignon young women every day who will always smile if you greet them politely—even at my age. It's a polite dirty old man's paradise. I was witness to polite dirty old man as a kid, watching my grandfather. he was so dapper and pithy…Read More

The Definitive Thinking On Russia and Ukraine

First of all, it's no more our business than it would be Russia's if the US decided to invade Mexico because south America was enticing them into an alliance to counter US interests. The USA as the global policeman is as outdated as was its involvement in Korea and Vietnam. Both were disasters and life-suckers that had no practical value beyond SHOWING STRENGTH!!! and SENDING A MESSAGE!!! Last I checked, North Korea is still there…Read More

International Living By Geoarbitrage

I kick off a series of posts amongst my other ongoing series that’s of deep interest to me and I hope, to many others who’ve always maybe wondered or dreamed about living in a country other than the one they live in by the accident of birth. People often say, “I’m an American,” or, “I’m…Read More

The Tinder Swindler

I got an email this morning from a woman in her late 40s I've known for some years who keeps herself sexy and attractive. Yep, she's Asian. Go Figure. If you're bored, you could invite Curt to do a duo-rant about the film's content. Everyone else in the manosphere's doing it so why not you guys? I suppose one of the things I like about her—beyond my respect for her in keeping herself sexy and…Read More

Business And Economics: Numbers Always Rule

I know that many members aren't super interested in my specifically Thailand stuff. I get that, and especially if turning this into a travel log-blog. So, I do keep that light. Conversely, it seems everyone loves my personal life stuff...especially when I mention Chili and Wasabi, the—now—13 and 11 year old girls of my Thai woman. I'm working and struggling behind the scenes on that. I have big plans for those two sweethearts whom I…Read More

If You Thought It Was Theater You Were Right

Happy Sunday evening, Americans. And, whatever time it is elsewhere. It's Monday morning in my neck of the global woods. Short and sweet. There was a big-ass mask study. In Bangladesh. It had a bunch of authors and was written by scientists from Stanford and Yale, now published in Science. JASON ABALUCK LAURA H. KWONG ASHLEY STYCZYNSKI ASHRAFUL HAQUE ALAMGIR KABIR ELLEN BATES-JEFFERYS EMILY CRAWFORD JADE BENJAMIN-CHUNG HABIB RAIHAN SHADMAN RAHMANSALIM BENHACHMI NEETI ZAMAN BINTEEPETER…Read More

Two Teenage Boys Die Totally Unremarkably In Their Sleep

—It's For The Children And The Greater Good This is a rough and tumble for the public at large. Nobody is safe, including me. Fasten seatbelts. You should expect turbulence. If it doesn't kill you, perhaps you come out stronger. I'll quote Alex Berenson from his Telegram feed. The journal of the College of American Pathologists has a stunning report today on the cases of two teen boys who died following mRNA Covid vaccines. Both boys died…Read More

Get Your Social Security The Minute You Can

You'll learn it's not even comparable and might make you a few hundred Gs you might not get otherwise. Calculate hard. I'm going to run you through the numbers using myself as an example since I qualify for "early" payments of a small fraction of what I've paid in since the age of 9 (53 years of paying by the age 62). Had I invested that money over that period in compounding securities I'd have…Read More

Richard Nikoley 61 yo Appearance Update

The former was in the summer of 2019 when I was 59 years old, and the latter, just snapped a few minutes ago. I'm now 61. What happened? Well, testosterone increase happened, written about here and here. But that's a pretty stark physical appearance change and it has happened rapidly in spite of bad habits like drinking whiskey and smoking cigarettes. What REALLY Happened?What Drives MeBecome Disinterested In Food And Embrace HungerGet A Scar On…Read More

Breaker Breaker 1-9: Keep On Truckin’

It was about 1977 when my friend Mike Walton came over to tell me that his dad had just put a CB radio in their car. It was at a church function and so while all the adults where inside doing their church-social things, we were out in the parking lot teenage-boying this newfangled communication device. I Become a CB Geek At 16Citizen's Band Radio and TruckersMy 1979 Cross Country Drive Talking With TruckersTruckers? I…Read More

We The Powerless People…Becoming Conscious

David Icke: You know, when you look at a pyramid, we've been manipulated to believe the power in a pyramid is at the top. It ain't. The top of the pyramid is there because the rest of the pyramid's holding it up. We are holding this whole thing together. We, the powerless people are holding the powerful people up there and they know that. They're terrified of us realizing that.Read More

Someone Really Cool Spoke With Someone Really Cool

Hope you all had a nice Super Bowl Sunday and if into it, enjoyed the game. Yea, there has been a well-deserved pushback comeuppance about employees doing their political activism on company time, but perhaps they've mostly given that shit up because it's an awful look. Here in Thailand, the annual Super Bowl live takes place on Monday morning, starting about 6.30am. Sports bars with the big screens and gear open as early as 5am…Read More

The 2022 Olympic Clown-Car Circus — Get Woke Go Broke

There's a lot that could be said about this, but I'm just going to mock a few things, laugh, and give it a rest. Foremost, I find it delicious in a schadenfreude sort of way. I hadn't seen a bit of it until a trip for breakfast the other day to a sports pub where they had it on while nobody was watching. Yesterday, same thing in an afternoon pub I go to for socialization…Read More

Za Great Reset Is On A Ventilator

I ought not have this silly sense that interest in the whole 2-year disaster is waning all the while public protestations and demonstrations are intensifying. Yet that's the reality. For two years I've written about the whole dumbness, and with plenty of science references and even my own data crunching. The public is disinterested in that generally. So, I write for a few thousand global niche geeks who endeavor to understand what makes people so…Read More

Lending Money In The 3rd World — It May Surprise You

I think I have an unconventional or unique take on money lending and this post is an effort to tell the story of how I got to this way of thinking about it. What's debt?What's money?How do you create money?What is the value of a sound human promise to repay?My personal experience with human promises to repayLending in Thailand What's debt? The conventional view is the one everyone already knows. You get a jobYou have…Read More

Bernie Sanders — A Clock Stopped Right On Time

I dislike gratuitous use of screen clips to characterize or caricature what you might be writing about. It's a cheap shot and I'm guilty of it too. Just not this time. So in this case, I looked to find what I think is a flattering image of Bernie. I like it. It's old-dude endearing (in which my own needs grow), probably more honest than most. Don't get me wrong. His ideas—throughout a lifetime of a…Read More

I Want My Biden-Harris Commemorative Pipe

The truth is, I woke up this morning feeling off. ...The whole world is screwed, what's the point, yada yada... Happens to everyone at times. To shake it off after a coupla cups of Joe and a smoke, I decided to delve into a nagging issue with the membership configuration here. I had this "great idea" initially to make it a-la-cart in terms of 4 separate levels of monthly membership. While it got great initial…Read More

Freeloader Time And Attention Sinks

The quintessential header image Over the years I have always endeavored to do two things, and those were to be as engaging as possible with all who read this blog—even if it culminated in an FU either way. Up until April of last year ('21), that required reading every comment, replying to about a third of them statistically, overall, and personally replying to nearly every email, even if just to personally acknowledge with a "thanks"…Read More