Bernie Sanders — A Clock Stopped Right On Time

I dislike gratuitous use of screen clips to characterize or caricature what you might be writing about. It's a cheap shot and I'm guilty of it too. Just not this time.

So in this case, I looked to find what I think is a flattering image of Bernie. I like it. It's old-dude endearing (in which my own needs grow), probably more honest than most. Don't get me wrong. His ideas—throughout a lifetime of a non-working career, including US Senator—are as goofy as a football bat.

...I thought I'd take a look at Congressional Pay in current dollars. It's pretty all over the map early on. It changed a lot. But it's enlightening to see that congressmen and senators were paid $206,000 in 1907 (in inflation adjusted USD, to 2019). In 2009, their pay was $207,000 in 2019 dollars.

Seems they keep a better hand on inflation than that to which their legislation would attest. They've taken a hit in real terms of inflation vs. salary over the last decade or so. I don't suppose the stupid shit they do as "lawmakers" has anything to do with that. I digress.

So, to the rather astounding point of the post.

It comes to pass that Bernie did a short but prescient and surprising thing;

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Richard Nikoley

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