The English Sunday Roast Dinners Of Thailand

If I were asked what I love about Thailand the most, I could answer in many ways.

It's plain hard to not mention that you see amazingly beautiful, pretty, cute, and mignon young women every day who will always smile if you greet them politely—even at my age. It's a polite dirty old man's paradise. I was witness to polite dirty old man as a kid, watching my grandfather. he was so dapper and pithy with a tongue-in-cheek grin, it made everyone laugh—including my grandmother.

I didn't think and reflect on it back then, but now that I'm that, I surmise that it's a sort of targeted and measured self-deprecation that's made acceptable, welcome, and humorous by being only mildly suggestive—never vulgar—up to a level of honest and wholesome flattery. Everyone knows that men, no matter their age, appreciate the sexuality of young, prime, and attractive women the most. It's nature's way. It's OK to acknowledge that when done politely and tastefully. You're not dealing in reality if you harbor the fantasy that only bad and awful old men are turned on by young and beautiful women. Imagine life if all men at all times were not... It's just part of what makes the world turn for the better.

...The other thing anyone can mention about Thailand is that it's a crazy beautiful country. I was on a vid chat with Lothar "Lute" Nikoley the other night while he was visiting Reno, NV, at a steak dinner with three of his younger brothers—Ingo, Wolfgang, and Ewe—where I got to vid-chat with all of them, my uncles with a 61yo nephew. Dad then tells me he was looking into Thailand a bit and it's about 2 times the surface area of California. Yea, it can surprise you, the driving distances from edge to edge. Here in Phuket, I'm 1,400 KM from the village home in Sisaket.

I've traversed and taken a lot in over the space of two years.

...Then there are the islands of Thailand, hundreds of them. Check it out. I did a post about the ones I've visited and now live on.

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