The Tinder Swindler

I got an email this morning from a woman in her late 40s I've known for some years who keeps herself sexy and attractive. Yep, she's Asian. Go Figure.

If you're bored, you could invite Curt to do a duo-rant about the film's content. Everyone else in the manosphere's doing it so why not you guys?

I suppose one of the things I like about her—beyond my respect for her in keeping herself sexy and desirable—is that she never shies away from giving me a dose of motivation and no, I have zero idea what truly motivates it. I like best to think shit test, where she think's enough of me to zing it my way. But perhaps I'm delusional and my senses are still clouded by her charms.

That's to say that I think she has a sincere interest in doing whatever part she can play in making a better man of me; which especially means not putting up with chick bullshit—but in such a way as where the not putting up with is more elegant, manly, respectful, diligent, firm, and sort of loving. All at the same time.

In so many ways and senses, I've just described gentlemanliness.

Though she doesn't know it or ever acknowledge it, I always see the message under the message. I'm very agnostic about the personality underlying anything I receive in writing or their motivations in sending it to me. I wish there was an option in all communication mediums to hide the identity of the sender until you unhide it. That way, you could judge the content before knowing who sent it, so that you don't prejudge either way.

...I watched this film a couple of weeks back. It took me a couple of evenings because at first, I thought it was fictional. I realized it was a real documentary and I was a bit floored. But I recalled what my visceral reaction was to the young nice women victimized by the swindle.

Here's the trailer but it's overly dramatic. The actual documentary is pretty damn forensic.

I replied to my interlocutor early this morning over coffee. Later, it kept nagging at me that I was unsatisfied with my response, so I wrote another in 15 minutes, with whiskey. What follows is the edited version of that:

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