Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins’ Death Just Another Rocker OD?

Never been a fan, been aware of their—to me—pop-like music, which I can enjoy from time to time but can not really be a big fan of.

"Pop" means popular, and that generally gets a meh-no from me. I tend to associate popular with dull and stupid, though while recognizing that nuggets of exception exist.

I'd heard about it a few days back, reports indicated the typical thing. Hotel suite, lots of drugs and alcohol, etc. OK, pretty much like it always is. The only thing that gave me a bit of pause is that my spidey sense from these sorts of stories over the decades is that performers on tour generally tighten the belt to get through the tour.

Maybe my impression is off and lots of this happens mid-tour and not sometime during the months and years between tours, or when their last album that hit the charts was a way long time ago.

I'm often amazed at how, if these guys and gals are so drugged up all the time, how in the world do they manage to put on impressive performances and give so many reasonably cogent interviews and other appearances?

“Colombian authorities found: an empty beer can, an opened bottle of vodka, a Coca-Cola bottle, and some ‘other articles’ being analyzed by authorities,” Velez reported.


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