Global Bias About Russia And Ukraine

Well I stumbled into something that seems to energize folks. I had intended to do a one & done the other day with my post on the definitive thinking in all of this.

Then I followed it up with a post citing something astute and prescient that Noam Chomsky said about it. That riled up some folks. I went even further and asked you to watch a speech Vladimir Putin gave on the situation.

In the aftermath, there are comments on the most two recent posts, but also about 40-50 unsubscribes from the newsletter. I've had a number of excoriating emails, all from people on the newsletter, but not paid, or even free Members.

I've only had a single membership cancellation, and that was a free-level member. Conversely over this period, I've gleaned 7 new paid memberships—six of them annual at $50, and one of them monthly, at $6/mo.

Doesn't seem to me like I'm doing too much wrong here. I've always thought of this blog as a revolving door. That was especially true during the intense Paleo blogging days. Get what you need, move on. Come back and visit now and then. I've never wanted to create or engender dependency. The best business strives to put itself out of business by making its services no longer needed by those it serves to help fix problems.

One very good thing about this blog going membership-mostly is that comments are fewer and high quality. I shut some comment ability down so that even on public posts where anyone can comment, you have to be at least a free member to comment. Trolls with their made-up email addresses went away overnight with that one check of the box.

So, the inspiration for this post comes from none other than Chief Master Sergeant Tim Steele (USAF, ret). He's vacationing in Cabo right now, so he probably won't get to reading it until after the poolside massage and an undisclosed number of margaritas.

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