Permanent Crisis Is The New Normal — Prosper Anyway #6 — Just Stop Believing

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I'm not fond of the concepts of skeptic, critic, curmudgeon, et all. The best I can do is misanthropy. It used to be focussed and targeted. Since Covid, and now, Rukrane, my misanthropy is blurry and generalized. It's now truly blunt; transformed into an instrument of war.

Don't you find that if you think about it, that possessing some purpose as some skeptic qua skeptic of things is kind of puerile...hubristic in an arrogant way? It's like proclaiming that since you didn't come up with the idea, it just must be shit. Well, some ideas are better than others for some things, that's clear enough. But, purposeful skepticism, criticism, and curmudgeonry for its own sake just shits, at least for me. There has to be an essential point to it or it's just a temper tantrum. It doesn't plant and harvest food, nor nourish the body or the soul; nor the mind. It's more akin to manure. Just manure. It's a wank.

Its aim is to kill all aspiration while offering zero as alternatives. It's nihilistic in body and soul. It's the difference between a film critic and an astute reviewer with helpful hints for next time and for other writers and producers working on current projects.

It's a lazy, parasitical path—where one elevates himself above anything created, nurtured, and fostered through tough work, contemplation, risk taking, organization, management, and the mere easy act of poking holes in anything and everything. It's a wank.

Curmudgeons, critics, and skeptics are the quintessential IT'S NOT PERFECT!!! lazy "geniuses."

They're scam artists. They're wankers. There are zero exceptions.

Sure, I got sucked into this many years ago. Because, I could no longer bring myself to believe the bible as so many do, literally. So I sought out similar mind-created delusions in an effort to understand this proclivity of humans to believe the most unlikely of things...because they have peers who believe it. Publications like Michael Shermer's Skeptical Inquirer is crack for young people, as was I—late 20's, early 30s—just discovering that you've been raised in parallel with Muslims and Jews. The same, only different.

We live in a natural world all of our lives. But people—the people we encounter from the moment of our birth—seem to be so unsatisfied with it. They're compelled to concoct and dwell within unnatural and supernatural realms at most times rather than make best use and purpose of the cornucopia of stuff we all have have before our actual eyes—with 4 other senses to boot. That's how powerful the clamoring for illusion is. Its chief manipulative mechanism is to entice you to waste the very time of your life in subservience to their illusions over and above the plain evidence of your five senses.

A slim analysis will offer the clue that dealing with reality requires discipline, thought, and control. Fantasy is mind-created, so it's easy. The hard-working human path is in body and we've all observed it a million times. The farmer. The grocer. The repairman. The nurse. The cook. The homemaker. The home provider. The mind is not absent in any of these.

It's just compartmentalized.

Where minds are laser-sharp for everything that entails all of the foregoing—because it's based upon the clear evidence of 5 senses and their reasoned integration—get out of that defined realm where they competently shine, and they're praying, foaming at the mouth, beating their children to submission, saying "amen preach it!," speaking in tongues, and indulging in all manner of lazy-&-stupid-mind bullshit. I can't emphasize that enough. Give me a hard-working, dutiful, restless God & Country type, and I'll show you someone with a great homestead on the viewable surface; but underneath, abject mush for brains when it comes to anything beyond the concrete tasks of surviving as a human animal on planet earth.

...And yet, millions worldwide make not only livings, not only prosperity, but downright fuck you money by promoting fantasy, illusion, falsehood, narrative. Some of these morons buy themselves private jets so they can evangelize moronity at other people's expense.

They do it so effectively and easily because almost everyone is stupid.

...And don't get me wrong. You can prosper very handsomely and to wildest dreams by exploiting the fucking stupid who possess a penchant for faith, blind trust, and a giddy sense of belonging. There's probably more characteristic markers for all that, but I'm no expert.

It's crazy ironic to me that the Siren Song to encapsulate a general view of human advancement is that of the Age of Enlightenment.

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