Steady Dose Vitamin C Love

A fun one to put out there. Wholesome. Something to take your mind off perpetual global crisis and refocus on what it is you truly want in your one and only life.

...I arose yesterday morning, Friday, and did what I do the first thing every Friday morning (it's ritual now and sometimes I even know what day it is here, solely because of it). I make coffee and enjoy Mike Eades' latest issue of The Arrow. It arrives here 6.30-7.30am typically, which is Thursday afternoon for you States peeps. I think my time of arrival is better than yours neener neener.

In yesterday's issue, #63, he included a section I didn't expect to see from a renowned low-carb doc.

One of the things I was reminded of in reading the book is the value of vitamin C. I've always know this, of course, but I've never really taken vitamin C on a regular basis because it's water soluble, which means the body uses what it needs when you take it and you pee away the rest. If you take a gram of it, you'll get rid of most of it.

After getting re-motivated to take it after reading Dr. Johnson's book, I set about figuring out a way to take it so I could take it here and there throughout the day a bit at a time. I got some pure vitamin D, ascorbic acid, powder. (It's dirt cheap; you don't have to get the more expensive natural kind.) I shook out a little into a tiny bowl--MD has bowls of every imaginable size--and whenever I thought about it, I licked my finger, stuck it in the vitamin C powder, and stuck it in my mouth. The vitamin C was absorbed by my oral mucosa without even having to be swallowed.

When we measured out--by approximating--what I got in each dip of my finger, doing it 10-12 times per day gave me about a gram. But it was a gram taken a tiny bit at a time spread over the entire day. It doesn't take much. If you don't have the massive bowl inventory MD has collected over a lifetime, you can use a twist-off bottle cap for the same thing. It is very sour, so don't get too much at any one time or it will pucker you.

I thank Dr. Johnson for reminding me of the importance of vitamin C.

I read it and moved on since I've been on my own method of steady small-dose vitamin C throughout the day for some years. Yea, I have a big bottle of Kirkland Vit-C in the 1-grams you can get for cheap even here in Thailand, but I only pop one now and then because exactly what Mike says, "...the body uses what it needs when you take it and you pee away the rest. If you take a gram of it, you'll get rid of most of it."

What's my own method?

Orange Juice Shots!

I guarantee you'll like my method more than Mike's sour-finger method! But, with all respect to the low-carb doc, I'm writing this in a way where I hope for a "sounds perfectly reasonable" from low-carbers.

So here we go, from this rainy Saturday morning in south Phuket...

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