The Amazing Bacon of…Thailand!

The pork in Thailand is astounding.

For two years I've asked around and have been told a million stories, but nothing I can even begin to verify. My favorite is that Germans showed them how to raise good pork and they took it from there. Can't verify it, so it's just one of many stories.

But it doesn't matter because the pork is good anyway.

Living in Thailand quickly disabuses you of any notion that any vegan anywhere is right in their minds or honest in any way. They use Thailand mercilessly for their propaganda, simply because Thailand does plants very well and beautifully—always colorful and delightful. They dishonestly use that for their health-crashing evil in order to imply That thailand is largely plant based. It's the farthest thing from the truth—I have NEVER had a meal from Thais anywhere in thee whole country that's not highly inclusive of animals, fish, and shellfish. Animal protein is the very bedrock basis of their diets. Nobody even knows a vegan in this country of 70 million people. If they did, they wouldn't even tell you.

Thais hate vegans, because this is how they will always represent them, as evil to the core that they are.

What vegans show you

But here's the whole meal, and that's right in front of my house in Si Sa Ket. Home cooked, and example of every damn day.

What vegans never show you

That is a simple illustration of how fucking ideological, religious, and pure evil all vegans are. There is not a single exception on the entire planet.

I'll introduce this post in a most peculiar way. Unless you're deaf, dumb, and blind you know I live in Thailand. Right here.

Surrounded by former western colonies, never a colony

I've also lived in Chiang Mai in the northwest and the Isan area, which comprises the northeast between Cambodia and Laos.

The pork is fantastic everywhere.

Now we get to peculiar. Though I've had my love affair with pork all over Thailand, it recently became pronounced. Do I tell the story first, or show the picture?

The story is that a few months ago

A few days ago I took account that paid membership is getting up there. I began this almost a year ago, now, as simply a means of slowing the erosion of savings because Covid. Lots of people in that boat. I feel your pains. It was up-and-down going over the year but I've reached parity. I haven't liquidated a financial asset in a couple of months.

Up to know, I've had a sort of "sales funnel" method, where I write public posts so they become free members and then write free member posts so they become paid. Fine and dandy and that works to reasonable extent.

But it completely fucks my product delivery, which is the written word!

I can't even begin to describe the agony or angst I'd go through just to write a damn post.

I solved it.

From a few days ago into the foreseeable future all my posts are for my employers.

I'm suddenly happy, clear minded, buzzing with ideas...but most importantly, a zeal to write in a way where I feel that I've under promised and over delivered.

Thank you for hiring me.

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