Are We Post-Covid Yet and How Do We Never Return?

Depending where you live, many have been seemingly in post-covid for a while. Some places were virtually never-covid.

But the love-every-minute-of-covid people and places were dealt a resounding blow this last week, right in their stupid, diapered faces.

Fuck you and your masks.

By now, everyone has probably seen many of the videos of folks on airplanes in mid-flight gleefully tossing masks. My favorite:

When I saw it the first time, I thought: had to have grown up in a black baptist church with a choir and great music emphasis (try to name one that doesn’t). Anyway, nice little bit of joy for once. To check out the utterly hilarious, check these posts by Michael Senger.

What’s so encouraging about it is the unmistakable happiness and relief on display by everyone—not unlike someone being released after a long false and unjust imprisonment while being completely innocent. I dare anyone on the planet to come up with a better analogy than that. It’s plain abhorrent that any government or “authority” can force anyone to muzzle up, restrict their natural breathing, and create a substrate for expelled bacteria growth and reinhalation. It’s torture, especially when imposed long term; and it has been imposed long term, even to children. It’s fucking torture plain and simple and rightly, millions should be in jail for a long time for perpetuating it—especially the enforcers on the ground like police, school teachers…and flight attendants.

It should never be forgotten. For the most part, nearly everyone in all governments around the world are despots. To even presume that level of totalitarian authority is the very definition of despot. That goes for lockdowns and closings too.

…And it certainly goes for that stupid experimental injection so many have been utterly coerced into taking at the risk of losing everything.

It should be very telling what the socio-political tone is, given that:

  1. Uncharacteristically, the ruling judge did not stay her order vacating the mandate, giving time for an appeal as is common, but made it immediate
  2. Airlines wasted zero time in foregoing keeping their own mandates in place, getting the word out to thousands of aircraft actually enroute so flight crews could get the word out to their customers
  3. The TSA quickly signalled that it would not be enforcing it in airports
  4. The White [clown] House said it would not appeal, then said it might, then suggested it wouldn’t, again—or something like that—and now is appealing
  5. BUT, in doing so, it is not asking for a stay of the ruling judge’s order but is appealing in order to affirm the CDC’s authority and preserve its right to mandate them in the future

The political climate surrounding this—on display on those in-flight scenes—is like the shot heard ’round the world. It’s unmistakable to any political weeny. This is a turd they cannot polish, even to a CNN junkie. What was seen was not only sighs of release and relief. No, those were masking a whole lot of underlying rage at the whole two years of utter global insanity suborning state cruelty and despotism. Tens of millions are still suffering many damages that will take years to recover from if at all. Billions suffering if you include the rest of the world.

…When I think of post-something, to dial into the title of this post, I think of an era we’ve turned away from or outgrown; and now, it being ‘post-era’, it’s about not making the same mistakes again or realizing it would be going backwards—immature as it were.

So I’m chewing on what might be the most effective way to ensure we never go back and that’s “vaccine” injury. It’s fucking enormous and is gradually working its way to the surface of awareness for even the most stupid and clueless.

Both the serious injuries and deaths have been entirely dismissed by the government and media—a certain clue that there’s really something there, they understand full well the implications if there is, so they want to pretend it isn’t there. If they believed there’s nothing really big there, they’d be suggesting themselves to look into it thoroughly, transparently, and report fully.

The problem is, a whole fuck of lot of these injuries and deaths are associated with all sorts of people on the political left. Some politicians and media personalities are themselves injured. How long can you cover this sort of thing up?

  1. 769 Athletes Collapse from Cardiac Arrest Since Covid Vax Rollout
  2. What’s Causing A Sudden Outbreak Of Hepatitis In Kids In Europe And The US?
  3. Hepatitis detected in children in US, UK; Cause of mysterious, severe virus unknown, officials say

VAERS shows 8 cases of Hep yearly for a combined 70 vaccines prior to Covid. In 2021, reported strictly for Covid, 304 cases…but I guess that’s nothing to take a look at. Steve Kirsch is taking a look and putting up lots of money too.

…Politicians, media, CDC, WHO, and national health organizations have so far been completely ignoring this, STILL spouting “safe and effective” while admonishing everyone to get the jab.

But curiously, that’s not what AstraZeneca’s CEO Pascal Soriot said in a company Zoom call in December 2020, just as the medical experiment on billions was rolling out. He’s saying that millions of people can’t be vaccinated. Moreover, he touts monoclonal antibodies as an alternative for those people.

…Yet the senile “Dr.” Poopy Pants in the White [clown] House determined that monoclonal antibodies should be pulled, and he did.

The thing politicians, media, and most layman do not understand is that you can’t claim coincidence forever. It was fucking stupid but politically typical to do so in the first place. Never underestimate the sheepish stupidity of a constituency, I guess. First of all, the numbers are fucking astounding, enormous, and they’re global. Plus, related data is coming, such as from insurance companies paying way more claims than even their wildest models of disaster would predict and also, all-cause mortality, especially in kids and the young. I’ve seen lots of numbers in various places but 40-50% above normal in some places. So, for every 10 kids or young adults who used to die from anything, now 14 or 15 die. What’s that about? Don’t look?

It corresponds exactly with the rollout of the miracle shots. And covid-lovers think they’re going to sweep this under the rug forever?

In addition to ignoring the enormity and strong correlation of the numbers, they haven’t a clue of basic medical-diagnostic practice.

  1. It begins with a clue, a strong association
  2. You work out all the biochemical pathways that get from point A to point B
  3. You exclude all or most else that could possibly cause the same thing that particular way
  4. You design complex tests that can tell you when specific pathways are in play, pathways that can only come from the vaccines

And then you have diagnostic causality. Moreover, these shots, especially the mRNA, are so fucking unique and experimental that running this down will be child’s play for lots and lots of biochemists and vaccinologists around the world.

And the political, media, and big-corp whores think they’re going to put a lid on it? We’ll see.

I suspect it’s going to be the biggest shitstorm you’ve ever seen.

…Since the USA and others gave all the jab-experimenting-billionaire-companies immunity, it set up something to compensate those injured and killed by the jabs. It’s called the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP). The first question that requires an answer is why not just use the system already in place, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP)? After all, it has compensated vaccine injury to the tune of 36% of the 24 ,909 claims filed, with around $4.7bn paid out since 1988.

The CICP payouts are limited to only the most serious injuries and death. The claims have to be made within a year after vaccination, and the program has a much higher burden of proof than the VICP. Loss of income under the CICP is limited to $50 000 a year, and no compensation is included for pain or emotional distress (or for attorney fees). Under the traditional vaccine injury program, payouts for lost wages are not capped, and compensation for pain and suffering is much higher.

Of concern is that the filing of a case must be completed within a year, but there is at least one person who has documented the electronic filing of her case, only to find on follow up, that the CICP had no record of her case. Concerns arise that such dropped cases will then be unable to be refiled, due to the time limits for filing. The backlog of cases now appears so large, the processes so opaque, that the CICP system seems irrevocably broken

The CICP is a ‘horrible program,’ says Peter Meyers, emeritus professor at George Washington University Law School in Washington, DC. ‘You basically submit your application for compensation, it’s then dealt with secretly, and you don’t have a right to have a lawyer paid for by the program. You don’t have a right to a hearing. We have no idea how these cases are being processed . . . There is such a lack of transparency in this program that it’s frightening.’” (BMJ)

Furthermore, the CICP program resolves claims through an administrative process, not a judicial one (unlike the VICP). In order for a claim to be won through the CICP program, the legal burden of proof has to be BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. That is a virtually unattainable demand. Particularly for an experimental vaccine for which the adverse events are not completely known and for which the government has stymied research efforts to determine just what those adverse events are. The CDC has also hidden the large portions of the data it is collecting for these vaccines. This means that the administrators judicating the injury claims would also not have the information that the CDC knows on the adverse events from these vaccines, making it virtually impossible to win many of the CICP vaccine injury cases.

It’s so fucking puerile and disgusting I feel complete shame in even calling myself an American. First they haul out a complete medical experiment then cajole, bribe, and coerce people into taking it. If the medical experiment goes wrong for some people, they have no recourse to sue for compensation, so The Land Of The Free!!! sets up a compensation program…but not the one already in place and working swimmingly since 1988. It’s a new one.

A new one that pays out…zero.

As reported by Maryanne Demasi, PhD in the British Medical Journal (BMJ)the national system for compensating the COVID-19 vaccine injured has not paid out a single claim.

The Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) was set up to address vaccine injuries associated with vaccines and other countermeasures during a pandemic or bio-threat event. A person cannot sue a manufacturer for an injury caused by a vaccine or other product listed as a countermeasure, they can only seek compensation from CICP by filing a claim. Shockingly, the US government through CICP has only approved one claim and has yet to pay out a single dollar to anyone vaccine injured or for death benefits to those who have died.

I doubt there’s any hope.

Currently, a small group of Senators including Senators Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, Mike Braun, and Cindy Hyde-Smith have introduced the Countermeasure Injury Compensation Amendment Bill to reform the CICP to make its processes and payouts comparable to the VICP program. The bill also proposes the creation of a commission to identify injuries caused by a covid vaccines and it would also allow claims to be resubmitted.

Not holding my breath. To be sure, America is an enormous country with tens of millions of great people. But it belies that in its thoroughly corrupt politics on every fucking level.

...Now let me give you a very curious juxtaposition. Thailand, where I’ve visited since 1986 and have lived for 27 months now, has a vaccine injury program and poor little “3rd World” Thailand has paid out $24 million.

Thailand’s National Health Security Office (NHSO) as of March 8 has paid 1.509 billion baht (the equivalent of $45.65 million) to settle Covid-19 vaccine injury compensation claims.

The payouts were made to 12,714 people, including family members of some people who died as a result of the vaccine.

Thailand’s “no-fault” system makes it easy to secure compensation, at least when compared to similar schemes in the U.S. and other western countries.

Claims can be submitted by the individuals in question, or their families, at the hospital where they were vaccinated, at provincial health offices, or at NHSO regional offices.

Moreover, claims can be entered up to two years after the adverse effects first occur.

Let’s do some simple and obvious math. First, Thailand is 70 million, USA is 330 million. So, just on a population basis, Thailand’s $24 mil is equivalent to USA $113 million. But, there’s also the economic disparity. I tell people it’s about 5-10 times less cost of living here, depending upon what you do.

Et voilà, US per capita GDP (gross domestic product) is about $60,000 as of 2017. Thailand is about $6,600. Guess what? A 9x differential.

So, in reasonable proportions and scale, Thailand has paid out $1,027,272,000…just over a billion and 27 million dollars, compared to The Land Of The Free!!! that has not paid out a dime.

…Just a bit more math. The USA’s existing vaccine injury program (VICP)— that actually pays out more than zero—has paid out $4.7 billion since 1988, comes out to $142 million per year over its 33 years. It covers injuries from about 70 vaccines. Compare that scale-wise to what Thailand has paid out for a single class of vaccine in a single year.

So. Here we are. If the whole problem melts away then there’s only the potential existing trillions of dollars in just compensation to account for in the USA and globally. But what of long-term things? Suppose rates for lots of diseases go up over years and years, and it curiously began right at the point of the vaccine rollouts? And then there’s the excess all-cause death?

I can only hope that the political pressure becomes so intense it just can’t be ignored. This isn’t one region or a single country where atrocities have occurred.

It’s the whole planet. That’s a lot of unpredictability and whereas countries all over the world were induced by international forces to strongly encourage or require their citizens to take the jabs, will all of them be so easily cajoled into ignoring injury and death compensation to those citizens when they have their own political pressures to deal with?

So, this is where I’ll be keeping an eye out for the dam to break.

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Richard Nikoley

I'm Richard Nikoley. Free The Animal began in 2003 and as of 2021, contains 5,000 posts. I blog what I wish...from health, diet, and food to travel and lifestyle; to politics, social antagonism, expat-living location and time independent—while you sleep—income. I celebrate the audacity and hubris to live by your own exclusive authority and take your own chances. Read More


  1. D.M. Ward on April 23, 2022 at 11:07

    Can’t help but see everyone like ants. The government makes a mandate – everyone wears masks. The government takes away the mandate – everyone doesn’t wear masks. The government has a compensation board but they don’t show all the data, do everything behind closed doors and virtually ties anyone who uses it, up in knots. Government needs to be made impotent. People need to get off this antiquated and crude idea of obeying some remote and pompous personages that they can never know or even talk with. Our culture is utterly preposterous.

    • Richard Nikoley on April 23, 2022 at 11:24

      I agree completely.

      I’d clarify as political culture, not American culture in total general. American political culture is thoroughly dogshit and Republicans have as much of it on their shoes as anyone. Socially, it’s a mix, because many just dismiss it all whilst so many others are glued to the TV.

      I’m a bit encouraged to see fatigue set in.

  2. MIne Derien on April 25, 2022 at 18:49

    Here in Ontario (Chinada), our nice stupid gov gave us permission to remove the muzzled on March 21, 2022. One month later I still see 90% of people still wearing them in stores. And not just old fragile people, no, many young people too. It’s ludicrous. On yeah and in every coffee shop I hear covid-stupid pontificating idiots. All of them apparently with a background in bio-chemistry… Go figure.

    • D.M. Ward on April 26, 2022 at 02:03

      Not a very popular thing to remind people of but it’s our fault, we who know, because we say nothing. I am always the only one saying things to the sleepers and non of the activists around me say anything and in fact, pillory me for saying something, that “people come to realization when they’re ready” or some such snowflakey thing like that. But in the meantime, they are removing my freedoms and letting genocide happen around them. And I’m supposed to hush hush it? So if those of us who know came out and spoke the situation wouldn’t be like this. We are too concerned about their feelings and they couldn’t careless about ours. With all their virtue signalling…

      • Richard Nikoley on April 26, 2022 at 07:23

        Same attitude that had people standing by sheepishly whilst they closed churches, businesses, and enacted house arrest.

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