Elon Musk’s Twitter Purchase

In a few words, the whole thing is a whole host of clown-car laughable absurdity.

It’s obviously attention grabbing. It’s not every day a private individual buys something for 44 Billion Dollars…

…and that’s in addition to the 10 Billion stake he’d already invested to stir the shit waters.

The phrase now that’s real money has been diluted.

…There was a time when I didn’t care much for Musk. He was building electric cars and using a lot of taxpayer subsidies. But it’s difficult to claim that he hasn’t made a legitimate market GO of Tesla. It must have been 8 years ago now that I got a ride in a Model S and it was fucking impressive. And building cars is fucking hard.

Then the fucker starts making rockets into space, even vertically landing the formery disposable parts—according to NASA, where it’s just other people’s money (yours)—and reuses them. The NASA space shuttle ditched 10s of millions each flight for the 2 solid-rocket boosters and main liquid fuel tank. Yea, the solid boosters were moderately recoverable after tumbling then ditching into the water under parachute. Pretty much for show if you were to look at a transparent P&L on that.

Musk lands 2 side-boosters simultaneously on land and the third a bit later on a postage-stamp at sea. You’ve seen versions of this before, but refresh yourself in order to get into the right mind-frame of outrage.

Three short years ago, he singularly and privately accomplished something that the USA or USSR never did in terms of that sort of rocket science. Yep, the USA went to the moon and back a number of times. Waste wasn’t a problem, because it was paid for by other-people’s-money tax-subjects, not investors and customers.

…As an aside, the reason is that business economics matter and are essential for SpaceX. For the USA and former USSR, your tax dollars are made to be wasted. It doesn’t fucking matter. You’re just the sheeple. Shut up and practice your Democracy.

Now Elon has gone from hero to zero.


The same people on CNN, MSNBC, and Twitter—aroused over tons of his past accomplishments—are now full of trepidation and loathing because he’s buying a stupid chat platform that they thought was theirs. Because, he wants to tow them into line.

Or, this Freudian-Slip LOL…


…Imagine being a main-media host and you have to get up early in the morning from your multi-million-dollar park-avenue perch, get yourself awake, showered, dressed, coiffed, coffeed, and minimally fed as you rush out the door to catch your driver to take you to the studio.

Then you get to spew liquid diarrhea out your mouth on a set crafted to look like it’s golden eggs. And you do it for years on end because of that park-avenue perch and you get invited to everything attendable.

…What people will do for money and crowd-clapping prestige…

They’ve all twisted themselves into knots and knots of ridiculous narrative that free speech is a woeful danger, a THREAT TO DEMOCRACY!!!

They’re not even wrong, which means: an “argument” not risen to the level of any evaluation.

I don’t even know what I can say about any of it beyond that…

OK, one more thing. Project Veritas got an insider-supplied recording of an all-hands meeting where all the green-hared, tatted, easily triggered, think-they-own-the-place “employees” get to spout their “concerns.”

Take a look and listen here, a couple minutes of 45.

The essential problem which not even the CEO has a clue about, is that once Elon takes it to a private corporation that’s no longer publicly traded, he’s fucking dictator. Absolute and total.


…He’ll probably be as gentle as possible with the process. He would not buy it outright and take it private unless he wants absolute, iron-grip control.

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  1. Alan Andersen on April 29, 2022 at 01:05

    Elon is to Twitter as Trump was to the US government. The minute he gets the keys to the place, all the furies will be unleashed. Within a few months, Elon will be a Russian-controlled pedophile. Pictures of him with that Maxwell chick are already appearing. Not to mention him being a racisss. Apartheid and all that. I wish him well, but we shall see.

    • Richard Nikoley on April 29, 2022 at 01:10

      You might have noticed I have never blogged about Epstein nor the private affairs of people engaging in consensual affairs with post-pubescent individuals.

  2. Ralna Cunningham on April 29, 2022 at 03:03

    The philanthropists have recently gone to the International Space Station and back. The entertainers are coming soon. Tom Cruise! Starlink’s filling up the sky and money is no object. I think I better get out of town, and look at a dark night sky more often, while I can.

  3. Eddie Osh on April 29, 2022 at 04:32

    This short thread sums up the phase transition nicely:

    And Doctorow unpacks a nice example of journalists bending themselves out of shape to maintain the narrative:

    I’m looking forward to watching the Musk saga as it unfolds. (I give him low odds of succeeding, but still have some hope.)

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