Thailand Mix: Motorcycle Ride, Boat Ride, Young Girls, Bar, Beach, and Young Girls


I’m writing a substantial post about my enormous problem and what steps I took to fix it over the last month or so. I ended up fixing it so damn good that I haven’t felt so well in 10 years. Details to follow soon.

After tapping out over 2,000 words yesterday, early afternoon, a bit inebriated, I said ‘Richard, get the fuck up off your ass and go do something!’

…So I grabbed the GoPro, sorted the mounting on the motorbike, and headed out. Turned out to be quite a day and evening, but all footage was preserved.

In my stupor this morning, after a long resurrection sleep, I remembered: ‘Dude you have this footage. Get off your lazy ass and make something of it.’

And I did. But, upon downloading from the GoPro I discovered I had stuff from December that I had not yet used, so I mashed it all together.

I whittled it down to just over 10 minutes and I break up the 8-minute motorbike ride with some video clips and images of boats, beaches, and young girls.

…At one point in the bike-ride part of the video, you’ll hear me say “Idiot. Fuck Off!” It’s common.

Now, watch it, then figure some place to nominate me for some sort of videographer award, please.

Richard Nikoley

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