The Best Way To Look On The Bright Side For Prosperity and Happiness

  • The introduction
  • Printing presses, mimeographs, and owners
  • People who DRS — who Don't Read Shit
  • The annual flu shot LOL fraud decades in the running
  • ...So nothing is new
  • My point about the bright side
  • Cake icing conclusion

There's no serious dispute that global life in general has been a disappointment for over a couple of years. Liars abound who assert it hasn't affected them, or they did even though the only time they're really well off is when everyone else is shackled. Good for them, right?

And what's the message, there? Your life was totally wrecked while, 'I got better and prospered, what's wrong with you?'

'Uh, lost my job, wife did too but flipped burgers for takeout while I watched the two babies and tried to find something on the internet. Then we defaulted on the mortgage and one of our cars got repossessed. But props, man...'

Even though the last two years have cost me over $200,000 so far, the far deeper cost has been to my general psychology. No, I'm not really talking about the fact that for 20 years I did the Go-USA domestic thing and settled down; then in late age-50s, got out of that gig, set off in early 2020 to nomad the world, and then Covid—totally dashing every aspiration down to electron microscope levels.

Crazy strike of bad luck for me but as we say here in Rawai, "We live in Rawai!" Thailand may not be the best place in the world to endure, but all in all, it was tolerable and generally, I could still get anything I wanted 24/7—just with a bit more effort and enginuity, at times. And even though most cuties are masked, most aren't fat, either...

I managed to make the best of that and still am. ...Just had a 20-minute fun and funny vid-chat with my girl. Her and her sister (double and triple jabbed) are holed up in a room in Surin, about 5th day of Covid. Bad cold symptoms, so far as I've seen. Can't get a cold anymore. National and international news, now. It's recorded in a data center. Very bad. Just so.

But what of everything else?

I recall as though it was yesterday, 1989. I was a 28-year old Navy officer who'd just returned from living in Japan for five years where during that time, I rented beach houses and travelled all over Asia. Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, et al. As a young man, my chief pursuit when off the job was Asian women.


So it's no surprise that when I returned to Thailand as a single man once again at the age of 59, Asian women were a substantial part of that calculation. It's the one large area of the world where women see men far differently than most anywhere else I can think of. It's just so, and we like it.

A 20-year old girl in this culture thinks nothing of bedding down with a 60-year old, if he can manage to make her a bit curious or horny.

To know how to do that is easy. You simply have to understand that they have zero Jesus baggage and act accordingly. They have deep cultural and familial norms and traditions. Just, zero Jesus—don't know him from Adam. Makes a profound difference.

...OK, at 555 words, that's it for the intro. The numbers are 8,000 newsletter subscribers, 1,000 free members, and 200 paid members.

The remainder of the post is for the 200. It's the next in the Prosper Anyway series.

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