Ukraine’s Zelenskyy TL;DR: We Surrender

As cable-news Generals endlessly pontificate about how fucked Russia COULD BE!!! they get undercut by a horse's mouth because they're stupid, have zero integrity, are in the pay, and are politically oriented first and foremost.

Laughably, the "commander-in-chief" (see short vid at the end) is gonna roll out TOUGH NEW SANCTIONS!!! that are GONNA HIT REALLY HARD!!! He's probably about three nap-and-sleep cycles behind.

If you ever watched a single "news" source that's not mainstream, then you likely have never heard of the Minsk I and II accords, how Russia fully complied and Ukraine ignored, refused, and continued to devastate the Donbass, etc. You wouldn't know that because of those Ukraine actions that Russia recognized the independence of two regions and signed a defense accord (treaty) and fulfilled that bargain under continued Ukrainian assault days before Russia's operations began.

Nor would you have heard anything about what Putin's and Russia's goals were in order to get out of this.

Nope, an ignorant-of-everything narrative was created and just like Covid, was disseminated and taken up worldwide, detractors are Nazis (while Ukraine's biggest-in-the-world Nazi problem was part of the problem...but crickets...), and all of Russia's tactical and strategic diversions (like taking Kyiv with a 40KM truck convoy and 40K troops, LOL...even fucking cable-news Generals fell for that) were square-pegged into the prevailing narrative as TROUBLE FOR RUSSIA!!!

Fucking fools everywhere. Nobody thinks for themselves, anymore. Not even cable-news Generals.

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