Abortion, SCOTUS, Roe vs. Wade, and My Take

The leaked majority draft opinion obtained by Politico puts the US Supreme Court in a very awkward position. So awkward that if the final decision were to change to upholding Roe vs. Wade and its subsequent nods at it, then it would smell of the court being heavily influenced by potential civil and political outcomes and outcries...kinda like it did with challenges to the 2020 election.

The conventional take is that the leak must have come from a clerk to one of the dissenting judges in hopes of socially, civically, and politically influencing the majority. There'll be hell to pay, better reconsider! Probable. But plausible could be that the leak came from the other side, either to strengthen resolve by putting them in that awkward position, or perhaps just to get the inevitable process of wailing and gnashing of teeth over with sooner. ...Or, perhaps rioting, burning, and looting stores is better in spring than in summer...

Judge Alito's draft could not be more clear or plain.

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Richard Nikoley

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