Get Away From Everyone Trying To Help You

This should probably be another in my paid-member series Permanent Crisis is the New Normal — Prosper Anyway. Since my heightened purpose these days is to absolutely make my fundraiser for the Thai family deliver, I'm putting everything out there publicly for a while. I've included a handy linked-image in the sidebar. I've written an update, a mini financial disclosure, at the bottom.

I frankly needed to get off my ass. It's not the first time. Pressures in life tend to have that when I was down to $200 in 1993, spent $80 of it to buy a book about consulting businesses in debt workouts, and used that information to make $250K my first year in a bedroom with computer, fax, and phone...and eventually, a $3 million per year business with 30 employees.

The book was less than 100 pages. It's surprising how little information you really need. What you really need is some form of a spark that gets the creative juices forming. And it was at the right place, right time, and right personal situation.

...I did something a few days ago that had an immediate profound effect on getting off my ass and toward an end. I'll tell you about it, but first, from Mark's Sunday with Sisson yesterday where he told of JRR Tolkien writing The Hobbit. Tolkien was immersed in tedium and drudgery and out of that came its due reward: boredom.

You need boredom. Being bored is good because it forces your mind places it wouldn't otherwise go. It makes you wander, daydream, explore. You "get into trouble" in the best way possible.

If you're astute, you might stop to think about all the measures you undertake so as to not be bored. And if you think further, we have an unequalled entertainment and amusement culture designed to escape any and all vestiges of boredom.


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