There Is No Junk Food

I typically have 2-3 posts in draft these days. Sometimes it's because ideas come in on top of each other so I want to at least write a few sentences or paragraphs to get started and not forget. Some of them are for the next in one of my posts series I'm doing. Other times I'm gung ho and either my gung or ho fizzles and I need to either get it back and finish the post, or can it.

Then there's the other thing, a flash of inspiration and I just know I can make quick work of it, hit publish, and sit back. It should really be that the posts that take days of thought, drafting and editing would be my favorite. Nope.

You can already guess of what kind this post is.

...As has been my Friday morning ritual for nearly a year: I get up, make coffee, and sit down to read this week's The Arrow. It's a medium to sometimes long email newsletter by Dr. Michael Eades of Protein Power low-carb diet fame. It's OK to think of it as Atkins Further Refined and that's completely accurate. Mike is a friend of mine for over a decade. Since I have my morning coffee with The Arrow, a little Mike story is in order. Of necessity, I drink black coffee, no cream, no sugar. It's how my dad got me started as a kid.

Back about 10 years ago, my wife and I were in Santa Barbara for a gathering of her family at the Hilton Beachfront Hotel. I gave a shout out to Mike, who lived in Montecito at the time; he and Dr. Mary Dan stopped on over for a lobby chat. There's a coffee concession and I asked what they would like, and it was Americano. I'm no stranger to various coffee drinks, and I've been a fan of [double] espressos since college when such in the early 80s was quite a strange novelty for Americans. But I'd never heard of an Americano. Turns out, it's a black coffee just like your drip, in appearance. That's where the similarity stops. It's actually quite simple. You begin with making an espresso in the standard way, then add piping hot water to dilute it up to the volume of a standard black coffee (or, a little less if you like it stronger...a little more if you like it weaker). It's a totally better taste. And as a one-off, it's always fresh.

...And to close the loop on that, it turns out that there is no drip coffee here in Thailand. No. Place. All coffee shops and stands have an espresso machine only. All coffee drinks start by making an espresso first, as the base. So, if you want a standard black's an Americano and it's on every menu.

Mike's missive this morning covers a nice engaging assortment of things. It's part of what I like a lot about it. Single-issue writing eventually bores me to tears and unsubscribing. This morning, it was how a clever Tweet of his went micro-viral. Turns out it's quite related to the thing I'm writing about now. Then, a section on the struggles of us newsletter / blog writers and in particular, the email aspect of it. I can relate. That segues into his mini-obsession with all things Covid and related, how he was shocked by the global response to it—as a medical professional himself—and still is. Continued caution about how damn quick-deadly fentanyl is and how many it's killing, which is astounding. Then it's a damn hilarious story about how he once paraded around in front of now governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson, with the seat of his pants torn out. ...Then, a nice transition from laughing at himself to mocking mask-supporting public figures caught with their pants down, so to speak....

Then, as if to do his weekly duty, it turns to L/C dieting, and so comes a really interesting series of topics. Those are going to be the focus of what I have to write about today. I must add that I sometimes just skim his diet stuff. It's only because I'm very well layman versed in them and write in my layman style about them. Today was different in that it struck me in a sort of je ne sais pas way.

It covers really revealing, self-learning using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM)—juxtaposed with using HgbA1c to get an average of blood glucose over 2-3 month's time. Then comes a little rant about food and its opposite, junk...the selected title and banner for this post. And finally, a critique of a recent bullshit study on fasting I already knew was bullsit whent I saw it touted a while back.

So, let's get on with the links, quotes, charts, and my ever-engaging thoughts and commentary. It's a big fat post, low carb. You will get insights, integrations, and chewing material. You will learn. It's over 5,600 words and if you're someone who struggles after years of trying to follow dietary advice from most books, this will save you money, time, and get results if you take shit to heart and mind. I have zero qualms in saying that even at the $50 per year subscription, you'll save way more than that if you need no-shit stuff that undercuts almost everything else. If not, there's the test-the-waters monthly at 6 bucks.

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